Giovani Segura vs. Brian Viloria live streaming?

Giovani Segura vs. Brian Viloria is a good match up for boxing and maybe one of the toughest test of the Filipino boxer. Brian Viloria has been recently successful garnering wins in his boxing career and match up like this will only help him transcend back to boxing popularity and international exposure. Segura the Mexican boxer will be a tough nut to crack as he will surely go for the knockout against Brian Viloria.  The concern on this fight will be Viloria’s Stamina.  I love this match up so I will be watching it live today , unfortunately if you are looking for a   Segura vs. Viloria live streaming I will not be able to put one. I am sure you will find Giovani Segura vs. Brian Viloria live streaming on other website. anyways ill be sure to post the replay video of  Giovani Segura vs. Brian Viloria fight so stay tuned.   I like Viloria to win but I am afraid Segura  would  most probably break my heart today.

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Brian Villoria dethrone Miranda and upsets some fans at the same time

by: Pow Salud|Home

 Brian villoria vs Miranda replay
Brian Villoria is a very good boxer with an excellent boxing skills and a heavy hand. I know that he could win match like this, Its no question but his performance is just going down drastically as the fight goes on. This was almost always the case with his recent fights. It was very upsetting to watch him give away advantages and not capitalize on opportunities during the fight. In his recent fight against Julio Cesar “Pingo” Miranda he had some big opportunities to finish off the fight but just don’t have the stamina or the heart to do it.  very upsetting. 

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Brian Villoria won multiple championship in the past however with his recent performance he might not be able to hang on to it that long. 
Brian Villoria had a good showing in the first few rounds in fact he even knock down Miranda, however his lacks of stamina and aggressiveness giveaway some rounds and as the fight progress you will see a more visibly worn out Villoria.  His performance maybe attributed to his lack of physical conditioning and if he continue to fight like this he will not only loose his belt but his fans.
Congratulation to Brian Villoria.

Mark my word! – Brian Villoria

Brian Villoria 
Brian Viloria is now back in the boxing arena to redeem himself , He is schedule to fight this coming July 10 in the Philippines against  Omar “Lobito” Soto Perez a 30 year old boxer from Mexico.

Brian lost his IBF title in a heartbreaking 12th round TKO to Panamas Carlos Tamara last January 23, I was bear witness to the fight. Brian started really good and for everybody who was watching, actually felt that He would win it, until the late rounds. Brian totally lost his energy and looses the fight, Brian was taken to the Hospital after. He was the only Filipino who lost a match that day and He was the main event.
This July 10 at the Ynares Sports Center in Pasig City He will once again try to make Filipino Believe in him.He is moving up to a natural flyweight for this fight and he is more confident that ever. He said  “I will be back again on the world stage holding up another world, my third one at that. Mark my word!”

Brian, I hope you will be able to read this and I am marking your word. 

I will be there to support and watch you. 

The Picture was taken using my cellphone during Brian’s fight against Solis in Araneta

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