Marvin Sonsona wins Majority decision over Johnathan Arrellano!

Sonsona (left) hits Arellano with left.

Marvin “Marvelous” Sonsona wins again after winning his revenge over Wilfredo Vasquez Jr. last 06-07-2014. Sonsona defeats Arellano via Majority Decision (judge: Sergio Caiz 96-94 | judge: Eddie Hernandez 95-95 | judge: Pat Russell 96-94 ). With this win Sonsona has one more fight to hopefully win another title and redeem his former glory. 

Sonsona’s adviser Sampson Lewkowicz told Rappler that he’d likely place Sonsona in another non-title fight in September before considering arranging a world title fight. Sonsona, a former WBO junior bantamweight champion, is currently rated no. 3 by the WBC at 126 pounds.

Found some highlights of this match in youtube but will only post 1 link and update it as soon as possible:

I am really happy for Sonsona but if you ask me he may need to find another trainer that could really bring out the best in him. 

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Marvin Sonsona vs Carlos Fulgencio Result

Marvin Sonsona vs Carlos Fulgencio Result?, well it was in favor of Marvin Sansona as he proves the be stronger than Carlos Fulgencio.The southpaw from Gen. Santos City was the busier fighter as he relentlessly attack Fulgencio and drop him in the 5th round. Carlos Fulgencio was Koed in the fifth round by a barrage of punches.  Marvin Sonsona improves his record, the 21 year old fighter is now 16 win , 1 draw and 1 lost against Wilfredo Vasquez jr.

Watch Marvin Sansona in action against Lopez
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Marvin Sonsona wins against Carlos Jacobo!

Marvin Sonsona wins against Carlos Jacobo! 
Impressive! and looks like everybody is happy with his win. Marvin Sonsona has shown tremendous skills in the ring which ultimately made him one of the youngest champion. He is back with a vengeance as he dominated his opponent by knocking Jacobo and showing a great boxing skill cruising to a unanimous win.  The question is not whether or not he has the skill because obviously he got the tools that will make him a boxing champ again but the real question is his attitude and if he is mature enough to do it seriously. Marvin Sonsona came back from a 20 months lay off after a loss to Wilfredo Vazquez, Jr

Marvin Sonsona Skills vs Attitude!

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Talent vs Attitude this should be the title of this match as I believe Marvin Sonsona will not be fighting another opponent but himself. Marvin Sonsona last fight was way back February of 2010 which he lost badly to Wilfredo Vasquez,Jr. Marvin Sonsona showed alot of exellent boxing skills and potential but the same time he also shows some unlikely attitude that could prevent him from reaching his full potential as a prime fighter. Marvin Sonsona should be able to beat this guy easily and that is a no brainer however judging by the turn of events it is also possible that Carlos Jacobo of Mexico can win.  Marvin Sonsona vs Carlos Jacobo of Mexico will be on October 15 at The Hoops Dome of Lapulapu City, Cebu, Philippines. You can watch Marvin Sonsona vs Carlos Jacobo fight live on AKTV.