Jeter Celeb Golf Tourney for "Turn 2 Foundation" Awesome Celebrities

The biggest names in the worlds of sports and entertainment  gathered for three days of special events and competitive golf for the 2016 Derek Jeter Celebrity Invitational (DJCI). Shadow Creek, one of the world’s most exclusive golf courses, was once again the home of this spectacular private, invitation-only golf event.

Derek Jeter finished 18-under par and in a three-way tie with Reggie Bush and Johnny Damon.

Among the sports stars included:     Ken Griffey Jr., Johnny Damon, Jorge Posada, Cal Ripken Jr.,  Andruw Jones, Tino Martinez, Kevin Millar, Ivan Rodriguez, Gary Sheffield, Tanyon Sturtze, Gerald Williams

Ray Allen, Marcus Allen, Miles Austin, Jerome Bettis, Reggie Bush, Harry Carson, Chris Carter, Brandi Chastain, Chris Doleman, Jennie Finch, Grant Fuhr, Rip Hamilton, Bode Miller, Jonathan Ogden,Luke Rockhold, Sheldon Souray, Paige Spiranac, John Starks, Jason Taylor, Julius Thomas, and Winky Right, among others.

Among the entertainment stars included:  Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Tony Dovolani, Brian Baumgartner, Kevin Connolly, Josh Duhamel, Joey Fatone, Haley Joel Osment, Ahmad Rashad, Rob Riggle, Holly Sonders, Alan Thicke, Leeann Tweeden, Heidi Watney, among others.

Jordan’s Amazing 50 Foot Chip Shot

Watch Michael Jordan Gold Invitational video event get filled with celebrities from all walks of life. Check out the video as they talked about how it means to be a part of the event, have fun while being able to help several charities, don’t forget Michael Jordan’s 50 foot chip shot. 

Entertainment / Sports Video 

Vegas Tourney Benefits Several Charities Including Make-A-Wish
Highlights Include: 
  • Comedic Commentary by Ray Romano
  • Jordan’s Amazing 50 Foot Chip Shot
  • Aaron Rodgers Tossing Passes on the Green
  • T-Pain, George Clinton Rocking the Aria Red Carpet Celebrity Bash
  • Brian Urlacher / Roger Clemens Victory Check for Charity
  • On the links with: Mike Piazza, Wayne Gretzky, Ken Griffey Jr., Russell Wilson, Julius Erving, More!  

Pacquiao’s lost on SI best sports moments, Top 10?

There are a lot of sports moments to remember for 2012 and for us Pinoy it may be a little harder to see some good moments because of the Pacquiao losses, but trust me there are a lot of other sports that Pinoy excelled, not to mention that we still have Nonito Donaire and Brian Viloria winning their boxing matches. For a sports fan like me one of the most memorable sports moment of 2012 was the Linsanity fever, It was a perfect underdog, Cinderella story. 
Pacquiao loss to Marquez was ranked number 27th by Sports illustrated as one of the most memorable sports of 2012, check out the Top 10 below. 

Sports Illustrated’s Top 10 sports moments of 2012 are:

10. The resurgence of Notre Dame football
9. Michael Phelps’ historic performance in the 2012 London Olympic
8. Manchester City winning the English Premier League
7. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s comeback from an ACL injury
6. Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera winning baseball’s Triple Crown
5. Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel becoming the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy
4. Usain Bolt defending his track and field titles at the Olympics
3. LeBron James leading the Miami Heat to an NBA title
2. The ‘Linsanity’ phenomenon
1. The referees’ lockout in the National Football League

complete list here 


Greatest Moments In Sports History

You can argue about the greatest moments in sports history and you can always say what other moments should have been included in this clip but no matter what argument we have we can all agree that the following clip has been immortalized in the world of sports. Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Track, no matter what sports you like you can say that in someways or another have seen this footage somewhere. This is a a compilation of the greatest moments in sports compiled to us by the SeanGshow.
Greatest Moments In Sports History

Watch our very own Manny Pacquiao at 4:23 with his famous one punch Ko against Hatton

Shaq vs Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

Golf is not my sport,  I am still young and I can still play some hoops. Anyways you got to see this commercial by Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 game. Shaq and Tiger Woods show us how to play golf while doing Kung Fu. Oh wait who wins this? only one way to find out. Watch Shaq vs Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. 

Watch Shaq vs Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

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Tiger Woods Gets Really Annoyed With Reporters Vid!

Ah yes here comes the Tiger and he looks like he is going to bite someone.  Here is a clip of Tiger’s agitated response to a few questions from Reporters in a  press conference.

Tiger Woods Gets Really  Annoyed With Reporters Vid!


Look st his face!

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Survey Says Lebron James is Top 10 of the Unpopular celebrities

Home | Follow us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook | Download my Toolbar conducted a recent surveys for the most popular, trusted and unpopular celebrity and their are few sports personalities that actually made it on the list for example Peyton Manning made it on the most popular personalities while Tiger Woods and Lebron James made it on the unpopular celebrities joining the likes of Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson. Truly fans never forget. 

Still acting like the old Tiger in a new world

(AP) — Tiger Woods stepped from behind a microphone, thankful to be done with a short interview that felt like an intrusion. He took 23 questions, most of them about his golf, a few others about his left leg, then walked off without looking at anyone.
That’s why you guys listen,” he muttered under his breath, “and I play.”
He was as dismissive as ever, another example of how much has changed in his world, and how little he realizes it.
He is not the Tiger Woods he once was.
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Such bravado used to be accepted from Woods because he always backed it up.
On the golf course, he set an unparalleled standard of excellence. Starting Thursday, he’ll compete in the PGA Championship without having won anything in nearly two years. His agent said he once rejected 100 emails a day from companies wanting to get involved with the world’s most famous athlete. In the 16 months since Woods returned from a sex scandal, he still doesn’t have a corporate logo on his golf bag. His only new endorsement is a Japanese heat rub.
One thing that still looks the same is that red shirt on Sunday, yet even that has lost some of its meaning.
“That’s his trademark,” Graeme McDowell said. “Really, I think that’s all it is right now. What it means to him is obviously a different thing. What it means to the rest of us … it’s not really something to be intimidated by anymore.”
McDowell, who won the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach last summer, still considers Woods to be a special player. But after more than a year of finishing in the middle of the pack, or finishing the final round before the leaders even tee off, or not even playing because of recurring injuries to his left leg, Woods is more like just another player in the field.
No. 1 in the world a year ago, he’s now No. 30.
“Mystique is not something that’s measurable,” McDowell said. “It’s when you stand on the tee box with him and you get the feeling you’re in the presence of greatness. When someone shows themselves as flawed and human … what Tiger was doing all for years and years was superhuman. He was imposing himself on players just by being there.
“Until he starts winning again, he’s not going to get that back.”
Some things haven’t changed. Woods still draws the biggest crowds, tournaments sell more tickets and golf is more interesting when he plays. Among his peers, he has always been popular because of the way he plays golf and because the TV interest he created made them all rich. They love having him as a teammate at the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup. He is one of the guys that week.
But do they really know him?
Did they ever?
Mark O’Meara was his best friend, more like a big brother, for many years until O’Meara remarried and moved to Houston. They talk sporadically and see each other even less. Woods remains close to Notah Begay, who rarely plays on tour these days. He plays practice rounds with Arjun Atwal, another member at Isleworth Country Club, outside Orlando.
Stewart Cink was among his biggest supporters when Woods first was exposed for cheating on his wife after Thanksgiving 2009. They have been playing golf since they were juniors and joined the PGA Tour about the same time. Cink once told a story of how his mother went back onto the course after his round because she wanted to watch Woods play.
“I don’t feel like I know him as well as I used to,” Cink said. “I never knew him that well, but now I feel like I hardly know him at all. I wouldn’t say that’s a big difference. I think he may be gun shy about getting close to people, either his fellow competitors like me, caddies, the media. He’s a really private guy. But once you get to know him, he’s really good to be around.
“He’s not out here to be social. That’s not his goal,” Cink said. “He has a big sheet of goals to accomplish. His social life is not his No. 1 priority, nor should it be.”
Now that Woods has moved into his new home in south Florida, he has practiced on occasion at the Bear’s Club, home of Jack Nicklaus. Robert Allenby saw him there two weeks ago and said he felt Woods seemed more at ease with his life. At tournaments, he sees no change.
“We see him come out and practice, play and get out of here,” Allenby said. “He’s always been a big one to save his energy for the tournaments. But that’s the beauty of Tiger. A lot of stuff has happened in his life. When it comes to his golf, he still tried to keep that the same. That’s impressive. I know what it’s like to go through a divorce, and it can get seriously ugly.”
That falls in line with what Woods said in 2000 to Golf Digest senior writer Jaime Diaz, who has been around Woods longer than any other journalist. “To live a sane life, I have to be ruthless sometimes. Put up a wall, be cold, say no. If I didn’t, I would never have my own time and space, which is vital to me to achieve what I want in life.”
Even so, some of his peers thought he would return a different person — perhaps spend a little more time in the locker room, or play charity events for other players beyond his closest friends.
For all he’s done to wreck his image, most everyone on tour wants to see him return to greatness. Even though there is a new wave of players starting to emerge, like U.S. Open champion Rory McIlroy, it’s hard to find anyone who won’t say that golf still needs Woods.
“Tiger still is golf, really,” McDowell said. “It’s exciting to have him back.”
Cink could see parallels with David Duval, an enigma when he was No. 1 in the world, portraying a coldness behind those wraparound shades. His game went into a freefall, partially brought on by injuries, and when Duval was at his lowest, he showed a softer side and became more appealing.
Woods has never warmed to the media, mastering the art of saying very little, but with a smile.
The shield now is a cement wall.
Woods once said he never read anything, and even turned down the TV when one of his friends was playing, because the media had opinions without having all the facts. Now he reads everything. He will be the first to admit that the calamity in his personal life is no one’s fault but his own. But he thinks the media has made it personal.
His answers are more clipped. Asked last week how long it has been since his leg felt this strong, Woods replied, “Years,” without saying how many. How long since he stopped having to put ice on his knee? “A while ago,” he said.
It would be foolish to think that Woods can never get back to the top, maybe not as dominant as he was before, but still the player to beat. Remember, he won 14 majors in his first 12 years, and that wasn’t an accident. He was that good.
His was the one score that always mattered.
“You never had to scroll down to find it, did you?” Ian Poulter said.
The PGA Championship last year is when he first started working with Sean Foley. Progress is hard to measure because Woods took a two-month break in the winter and then went four months, last week at Firestone, before he completed a tournament.
Earlier this year, he kept saying he needed more rounds to fine tune his swing. So why not play more tournaments? “Because I have a family. I’m divorced,” Woods snapped in March. “If you’ve been divorced with kids, then you would understand.”
He is sharing parental duties with his ex-wife. The weeks that Woods signed up to be with their two children were the weeks he never played golf, which is why he said he could not play in Greensboro, N.C., in two weeks, even if that was the only way to extend his season.
Physically, he looked as strong as ever at the Bridgestone Invitational. He had too many sloppy stretches, not unusual for someone who had not played a full round of golf since the Masters.
Mentally? Emotionally? Only Woods knows.
“I think he’s found it difficult to pull his personal issues and separate them from his professional life, and I think it’s affected his game,” said Stuart Appleby, a fellow member at Isleworth. “His temperament, his patience … that’s been tested and tested and tested. He senses the public doesn’t look at him in a perfect light the way they once did.”
A PGA Tour official was talking the other day about the best shot he ever saw from Woods. There are plenty of choices. Woods chipped in for eagle from mangled rough on the 18th green in Japan to force a playoff in the 2001 World Cup. Yes, there was some luck involved. Then again, Woods had become accustomed to good fortune. The chip-in at the Masters when his ball hung on the lip for a full second. Or that 35-foot birdie putt at Kapalua to beat Ernie Els in a playoff.
He has gone from making every right move to taking every wrong turn.
Nothing is going his way.
Woods made his return to golf last week, and even while finishing 18 shots behind, he became a focal point Sunday evening. His ex-caddie Steve Williams, angry at the timing and the way Woods fired him last month, celebrated an eighth win at Firestone, this time with new boss Adam Scott.
Williams called it “the best win I’ve ever had.”
It was a direct shot at Woods, with whom Williams won 13 majors among 72 wins worldwide. Williams has pledged to write a book, although he has a non-disclosure agreement, as does most everyone who goes to work for Woods.
One reason Woods didn’t want Williams to work the U.S. Open for Scott is that it would add another layer of controversy to a career that could do without it. Ultimately, it turned into another sordid chapter in a soap opera that shows no sign of ending.
And to think that for the longest time, Woods only made news because of his golf.
Nick Faldo, a six-time major champion who now works for CBS Sports, said winning used to be a “foregone conclusion” for Woods. At the moment, nothing is certain.
“Tiger has definitely lost his aura right now,” Faldo said.

22nd Annual American Century Championship golf tournament list of Players includes Pacquiao

by: powsalud|

He is a big fan of basketball, soccer and other sports. In fact he play basketball, chess, darts himself and even have his own tournament. Let me add that he joins and play in his own tournament too. That is how sports minded Manny Pacquiao.
And now he is going to play golf in a tournament, yes Pacquiaois going to play at the 22nd Annual American Century Championship golf tournament as his name is included on the list of players. The celebrity golf tournament is set on July 12-17 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. This is really impressive as Manny Pacquiao continues to grow his popularity even outside the boxing ring into becoming a American celebrity. Included on the list are Ray Allen, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Jason Kidd, Tim Tebow and a lot more.

First player to reach 13-under par in US Open
McIlroy, the sympathetic figure at the Masters, was as close to perfect as golf allows Friday during a stunning assault on the record book. The 22-year-old from Northern Ireland became the first player in the 111-year history of the U.S. Open to reach 13-under par, and despite a double bogey into the water on the final hole, his 5-under 66 was enough set the 36-hole scoring record at 131.
He went 17 holes without missing a green. He went 35 holes without making a bogey. Doug Ferguson, AP
It’s very near the best I can play,” McIlroy said.

Tiger still get a lion share

by: powsalud|

According to Forbes Magazine Tiger Woods is still world’s highest-paid athlete. Earning a whopping amount of $75 million dollars this year. You wonder why he still stack up a lot of money even he is not getting any titles recently.
Well although Tiger Woods lost Accenture, AT&T, Gillette and Pepsi Co as endorsers He retained Nike and EA Sports which contributed to more than half of his income this year.Oh well, I guess more than his golf skill that is slowly diminishing, He can still be marketable. Thanks to his endorsers and managers. (source)

Tiger charges into lead with brilliant front nine

By PAUL NEWBERRY, AP National Writer
AUGUSTA, Ga. – Tiger Woods had all the familiar body language from his glory days.
Fist pumps. A swag of the shoulders. The shuffle step to collect the ball out of the cup.
Woods made a stunning front-nine charge on the first day of the Masters, making the turn with a 5-under 31 to tie for the lead with Rory McIlroy and Charl Schwartzel.

Woods started Sunday a daunting seven shots off the lead, but he wiped out that deficit before he went to the back side at Augusta National. He made four birdies, a 10-footer for eagle at No. 8 and a brilliant up-and-down out of the bunker to save par at the ninth after driving onto the pine straw.
Far beyond the golf course, the nation was caught up in Tigermania, bombarding Twitter with messages about Woods’ comeback.
“Tiger is back!!!” wrote receiver A.J. Green, expected to be one of the top picks in the NFL draft.
“Happy Sunday Everyone! Looks like my guy (at)TigerWoods has got that killer instinct back! Watch out golf world,” New York Jets receiver Braylon Edwards said.
“About to watch the run-in to the Masters.. come on Tiger!!!” U.S. soccer player Stuart Holden wrote from England, where he plays in the Premier League.
The 21-year-old McIlroy had a four-shot lead on the field coming into the round, but he got off to a very shaky start. Suddenly showing his youth and a balky putter, he missed three par putts no longer than 5 feet, and was fortunate to save par at the par-5 second hole after landing in two different bunkers.
Schwartzel, one of four players tied for second at the start of the round, made an early charge, as well. He chipped in for birdie out of the second cut at No. 1, then holed out a wedge from the fairway for an eagle at the third, the shortest par-4 on the course.
McIlroy finally steadied himself a bit, reclaiming the lead with a birdie on the seventh to get back to 11 under. But there were seven players within three strokes of the lead in what shaped up to be a memorable back nine at Augusta.
Woods and Schwartzel were at 10 under. Angel Cabrera, K.J. Choi and Adam Scott were two shots back. Luke Donald and Jason Day were 8 under.


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Woods apologizes after fine for spitting in Dubai

VIRGINIA WATER, England – Tiger Woods apologized after he was fined an undisclosed sum by the European Tour on Monday for spitting on the green during the final round of the Dubai Desert Classic.

The tour said in a statement that tournament director Mike Stewart reviewed the matter and “feels there has been a breach of the tour code of conduct.”
“The Euro Tour is right — it was inconsiderate to spit like that and I know better,” Woods said on Twitter. “Just wasn’t thinking and want to say I’m sorry.”
The tour would not give the amount of the fine but it is probably between $400 and $16,000 for a minor breach.
Woods spit on the 12th hole after missing a par putt on his way to a 3-over 75. He began the final day one shot off the lead but never recovered after making two bogeys in his first three holes.
The 14-time major winner, now ranked No. 3, tied for 20th place at 4-under 284. Woods has gone 17 tournaments without a victory for the first time since turning professional in 1996.
Almost a year ago, following a sex scandal that ended his marriage and rocked the golf world, Woods promised to “make my behavior more respectful of the game.”
The tour’s code of conduct states that when a player becomes a member he “voluntarily submits himself to standards of behavior and ethical conduct beyond those required of ordinary golfers and members of the public.”
Television cameras spotted Woods spitting in an earlier round in the Dubai tournament. Ewen Murray, a commentator for Britain’s Sky Sports, said on air after seeing Woods spit on the second tee during the second round that it was “one of the ugliest things you will ever see on a golf course.”
On Sunday, after Woods spit on the 12th green, Murray said that “somebody now has to come behind him and maybe putt over his spit. It does not get much lower than that.”

McIlroy wants crack at struggling Woods

If Tiger Woods is chosen as a wild card for the U.S. Ryder Cup team, Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy says there’s a dozen Europeans who would fancy their chances against the struggling world No. 1.

When asked if he would like his chances against Woods in a Sunday singles match in the biennial event this October 1-3 at Celtic Manor in Wales, the 21-year-old phenom was unequivocal.
“Yeah, I would,” he told BBC Sports. “I would love to face him. Unless (Woods’s) game rapidly improves in the next month or so, I think anyone in the European team would fancy his chances against him.”
Woods failed to qualify among the top eight points earners at the conclusion of the PGA Championship and thereby earn an automatic spot on the U.S. Ryder Cup team.
U.S. captain Corey Pavin has four captain’s picks at his disposal and it is widely expected he will use one to select Woods when he makes his selections Sept. 7.
McIlroy-who currently shares the cover of EA Sports’ Tiger Woods 2011 video game with Woods-was the second-leading points earner for the European team behind Lee Westwood and has risen to a career-high seventh in the world rankings on the heels of back-to-back third place finishes in the past two majors.
In the past when fellow players have made critical comments about him or the state of his game-see Rory Sabbatini or Stephen Ames-Woods has let his clubs do the talking.
McIlroy doesn’t seem too concerned however, and fully expects to see Woods in red, white and blue this October.
“There are a lot of Americans playing better than him at the minute, but it’s always an advantage to have Tiger in your team,” he said. “I think (Pavin) will pick him. I don’t think it would go down too well in the States if he wasn’t picked.”

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What is Charles doing ?

Our favorite colorful commentator and basketball player looks as if he is sadly praying for something, what could be it?

Well, he is in the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament playing golf.

Charles Barley is praying that Tiger Woods would be there to help him win because he is still having some trouble with his swing.

what do you think?

Tiger divorce settlement much cheaper than $750 million

The $750 million divorce settlement figure that Elin Nordegren is about to receive, as reported by several sources, may be wrong, says both Forbes Magazine and TMZ, citing its own anonymous sources, claims that Elin will not get anything close to that; although the amount she will collect in the deal is still far greater than what she would have received by the terms of their prenup.
As with other reports, however, TMZ agrees that the divorce is signed and ready to go, just needing to be officially filed with the Orlando court.

We’re told Elin will not get near the reported $750 million in the settlement. As one source put it, “Tiger isn’t even worth that much.”

The source added, however, “She’ll do a lot better than she would have under the prenup.”