Nueva Ecija Governor Resty Umali to Grace Padyak Para sa Kalikasan on Feb 7


Preparation for Mike Tampengco’s “Padyak para sa Kalikasan” on February 7, has been set according to the technical committee headed by Ka Noel Vicencio of the organizing Philippine Collegiate Cycling.

“We are glad to meet and welcome  all the participants in this year’s edition of my event here at Gapan Nueva Ecija,”  Mike Tampengco said.

The preparations include the road rehabilitation to ensure the safety of all participants aside from the foods, added Tampengco.

Governor Resty Umali and 2 LGU’s was invited to grace the occasion that will start 6:00 am, that is participated in by  various bikers nationwide aiming to dramatize the effect of climate change and the growing  concern of the importance of using the bicycles as an alternative mode of transportation aside from physical fitness.

More than 150 medals 100 big trophies especial designed by the organizer is at stake aside from the cash prize in the 8 categories prepared in the 20 kms circuits roads in the middle of the rice farming place and scenic view in the area, experience the cool climate , and the smile of  morning sun in the middle of the two mountain, and there will be a tent for guest and enjoy the hospitality food while watching the race.

The categories:

1. Open Elite
2, Executive,
3. Master,
4 Amateur,
5. Women,
6. National Student,
7. MTB Trail,
8. and FUN BIKE

All interested cycling enthusiast individual, group or  clubs, and Teams  are welcome enjoy the different varieties of foods prepared starting at 6:00 am on February 7. Sunday.

The event is being supported by Mike Tampenco, Pow Salud’s Powcast Sports,  Bose sound System, Excellent Noodles,  Savory,  JAC motors,  All Bike stores, the municipality of  Gapan, PNP, Red Cross, Tampengco construction and Supplies, and volunteers  from Gapan.

Padyak Para sa Kalikasan, Fun Bike Event on February 7

 Mike Tampengco



February 7, 2016- NUEVA ECIJA


For the use of the participating Individual, cycling enthussiast, cycling clubs.



Assembly time :  5:00 to 6:00 AM

Take part and be the solution to the problem!

“MIKE TAMPENCO”  power to the Bikers- Bike for a cause – Fight against CLIMATE CHANGE” is 20 kilometers fun/advocy ride ( controlled pacing with an average speed of 20 to 25 kms /hour ), It is a positive awareness and consciousness symbolically using bike to promote; individual and collective action towards the campaign for the national solutions to “CLIMATE CHANGE”.

Lakbay- Sikad for bright minds in the future !

Aside from having fun the 1st Mike Tampengco’s   Power to the Bikers – Climate Change ” is a benefit ride will correspond to a P 400.00 ( four hundred  Pesos ) registration fee and the sponsors to fund the Community outreach projects , promote wellness and protection of environment in local communities and in local schools.

1,  Open- Team competition
2. Executive competition
3. Master Competition
4. Amateur Competition
5. MTB Trail Race
6. Phil Collegiate Cycling Competition
7. Women  Competition
8. Fun Bike – Bike for all


1. No safety helmet, No Ride, present your helmet during registration and wear it throughout the ride.
2. Registrations, will be determine by the organizer and will announce later the officials venue routes for the category competition.
3. Fill out the Registration Form, this will be your stubs for breakfast, giveaways, and raffle number.
4. The category race or the competitions, will be release by the chief commissaire according  to  the program  set by the organizer . Do not overtake the marshalls.
5. Always wear your helmet!
6. Follow the chief Commissaire ‘ instructions, There are marshals, they are properly identified by their jerseys and /or flags.

7. Other  Policy:

                  a. Medical Reasons- Notify Marshals or Ambulance. The rider will attended by
                      medical personnel. They will determine if rider can move on, ride the
                    ambulance or be rushed to the nearest hospital. The bicycle will be placed on
                    the SAG WAGON ( Support & Gear ) truck – a claim number will be given to
                    the owner.

                    b. Mechanical Reasons- Notify a Marshall. The Marshall will decide if it is a
                        minor adjustment than can be done by the road side, other wise, the rider
                        and bicycle will be loaded on the SAG wagon which has the bike

8. WRISTBAND will be given to all participants, these will entitled the rider for claming the food, water bottled and giveaways
9. All riders will be given finishers certificate.

10. Happy Biking.!!!
ALL interested participating bikers.
Check of ID & Distribution of race numbers:
On Line- place  of registration, a week after the deadline Participating biker/s ,Group or Team’s delegation should bring official’s ID and their registration copy.


Mike Tampengcos’s residence. Nueva Ecija
PARTICIPANTS –   At the venue, the day before the start
Opening Ceremony


Participating BIKERS have to line up according to the categories signed up, the categories are color coded, for easier identification , 30 mins  before mastering.


Only athletes who had registered according to the event categories,  who had comply of the Rules and Regulation of the organizer are entitled to take part in the Mike Tampengco Padyak  para sa Kalikasan -Fun Bike event and competition.
The organizer accept no responsibility or liability for bodily or personal injury or property loss or damage that nay be incurred by the riders or officials. Please make sure that your self covered by insurance before joining the event.


The officials and or Marshall on the road,  shall determine if the bikers  had to be carried or rush to the nearest hospitals, or carry to the SAG WAGON, as to do not delays the smooth flow of the event, so that transportation arrangement  can be made both to and from the organizer.
All participants of the event shall arrange and report to the organizer. .

Beauty meets Sports with Ms. Universe Pia

Beauty meets Sports with Ms. Universe Pia

Remembering 2015 and Preparing for 2016
Beauty meets Sports was the tagline during the Homecoming  of Ms. Universe Pia  last year when she won Bb. Pilipinas. 
Different athletes from the Kagayan Tri Team rode with their  bikes as Car and Motorbike enthusiast from UPCEND joined the unique caravan in welcoming the Queen around the city proper headed to Pryce Plaza  for the press conference of both the Homecoming and Rafthon. 
Then finally the motorcade ended in in Sm for the “Meet and Greet” and the Official Unveiling of Rafthon. The event was made possible from a partnership with Sm City.
Beauty meets Sports symbolizes the two assets of Cagayan De Oro,  
First is recognizing the Kagayanon Beauty that continuously earned the respect  in different  Local and International Pageants. Especially from the recent victory in the highest pageant  title of Miss Universe.
Second is showcasing the wholesome  adventure fun of the White Water Rafting. 
Combining the two assets will synergies to give an ultimate experience. An exciting event called Rafthon is born, a unique way to “Discover” the  beautiful and friendly people of Cagayan De Oro City during the Higalaay Festival.
Higalaay means “the act of friendship ” which can be manifested  in RAFTHON through Teamwork with 6 members in a team.
Rafthon can be  both for fun and competitive level that wants to experience the adrenalin rush of Triathlon. 
A perfect activity to highlight the asset of Cdo which is promoting Rafting and  to celebrate the meaning of “Higalaay” with your friends.
An event which can  celebrating friendship, RAFTHON ADVENTURE RUN is for you, just form a Team with six members and paddle your way and run till the end.( est 30mins rafting with  5K run). This is a great experience for fun run , marathon enthusiast and  amateurs.
And for more heart pumping adrenalin rush then RAFTHON CHALLENGE is the right choice.This category is designed for triathletes and serious athletes, same as Adventure Run but a 35K bike is added and a 10K run to give more intense multi-sport experience. 
Everyone is new to the concept and still anyone’s game. But more than just a sport it’s the enjoyment and bonding that annotates the meaning of Higalaay in our Fiesta celebration. 
We ended with the Higalaay Street Party, showing to the world that Cdo, Mindanao rather is safe and the place to be.
Truly it’s more fun in the Philippines!!!
See you again in the RAPIDS……
by: Sean Moreno
Rafthon  Philippines Cagayan De Oro