What is Really Wrong with the Cavs?

Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas has some ideas

Whether their fans will admit it or not, the struggles of the Cleveland Cavaliers are REAL.

To begin with, this is the Cleveland Cavaliers team that erased a 3-1 Finals deficit against the empire of the Golden State Warriors two seasons ago. So what is the difference between that Cavs team and this one that we are seeing right now?

For starters, that team had an effective Tristan Thompson and a KYRIE IRVING. This season, Kyrie Irving is now doing the Alpha dog job for the league-leading Boston Celtics while Tristan Thompson hasn’t been the same since he was dealing with his own injury problem. Thompson has only appeared in 25 games this season, starting 5 of those games. In those games, Thompson averaged 5 points and close to 6 rebounds per game. He used to be the leading rebounder of the team. Now? It’s Kevin Love.
Another big difference between the 2016 champion team and this current team is that ON PAPER, they have gained more firepower after getting Isaiah Thomas, Dwayne Wade and of course, former league MVP, Derrick Rose.  Here’s the problem, folks. Dwayne is no longer the same “Flash” we all loved during his decorated stint with the Miami Heat. Isaiah Thomas is still not the 4th quarter monster we used to see during his stint with the Celtics. Rose? He hasn’t been the same explosive player since he got injured right after winning the MVP award.

So what is wrong with the Cavs, REALLY?

According to the new guy, Isaiah Thomas, there are two reasons why the Cavs are heading into the game against the San Antonio Spurs with a 27-18 record- having lost 7 of their last 10 games.
Firstly, Isaiah Thomas said that the Cavs aren’t trying harder defensively. And that claim can be verified just by looking at easily their opponents have scored in their last 5 defeats were the Cavs up 124 points per game on the average. The Cavs’ lack of defensive intensity was displayed against the Oklahoma City Thunder when they gave up 148 points. Isaiah Thomas even went as far as saying that the Celtics were a defensive team during his stint there. 
Secondly, the Cavs weren’t trusting each other. For a team that is loaded with talented passers, averaging 23 assists per game- the 7th in the league in that category, is totally unacceptable. And that’s one of the many reasons why LeBron James has been on a Super Saiyan mode as of late because of the fact that his teammates weren’t trusting each other. 


Getting new players off trade deals will help improve the Cavs’ situation but first, Cleveland will have to fix their internal problems ON THEIR OWN because that’s a first step towards rediscovering how good they are with the pieces that they have. One thing that the Cavs will need to do is to defend. Why? Even though the Spurs won’t have Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio is still loaded with talented scorers. 

The Struggle is REAL for LeBron and the Cavs

Lebron James and Stephen Curry

LeBron admits this season is the hardest for him

When the Cleveland Cavaliers swapped Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas who, at the time of the trade, was still recovering from the injury he sustained during the last playoffs, many people were worried that this deal would have a rippling effect to the success rate of the Cavs. Despite getting Derrick Rose who was also dealing with his own injury problems among other matters, and Dwayne Wade, the defending Eastern Conference Champions are not as dominant as they used to be during the previous 3 seasons despite LeBron James playing another MVP-worthy season.
The Cavs began the season inconsistently and right now, they are nowhere near the super team that they should be. Why? If they are, then they should be holding the best record in the Eastern Conference, to say the least. Instead, the Cavs are in the 3rd spot in the East with a 26-17 record- 7 games behind the East-leading Boston Celtics.
Recently, LeBron James, who is averaging 27 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 1.7 steals and 1.1 blocks in 43 games this season has finally admitted one thing that has been observed by many: the 2017-2018 season has been the hardest for LeBron. 

How bad is it? 

Since December 19, 2017, the Cleveland Cavaliers have gone 3-9 and are riding on a 4-game losing streak. The Cavs lost to the Golden State Warriors, twice, and to the Celtics of Kyrie Irving. But one of the ugliest defeats that the Cavs have to endure this season was the one against the Toronto Raptors, 133-99. That, by the way, was the most lopsided defeat that has been absorbed by the Cavs. It was so horrible that LeBron James was seen yelling at his teammates at the bench as if he was the coach. 


If the Cavs can’t figure things out before the playoffs, it will put Tyronn Lue’s coaching job in jeopardy and worse, it will almost secure LeBron James’ ticket out of Cleveland. However, we shouldn’t count the Cavs just yet because whether we like it or not, the Cavs are still seasoned for another Finals trip assuming the Cavs make it past the Celtics. And who knows? These struggles might benefit the Cavs in the long run. 

Wade’s Coming off the Bench Producing Good Results for the Cavs

Dwyane Wade only started 3 games this season. And he doesn’t mind at all

Despite being 35 years old, Dwyane Wade will always be one of the greatest shooting guards we have in this league right now. He has won 3 championships with LeBron James during their playing years with the Miami Heat. He took his talents to the Chicago Bulls that didn’t even produce a playoff appearance for the Bulls. 
Now that he’s back alongside his pal, the King, the Cleveland Cavaliers now have one of the most exciting dynamic duos we have seen these past few years. And by the way, after their early struggles to start off this season, the Cavs are now on a 12-game winning streak after beating the Chicago Bulls, 113-91. This current streak of the Cavs has enabled them to slowly catch up with the East-leading Boston Celtics as the Cavs now hold a 17-7 record which puts them in 2nd place in the Eastern Conference.
Now, what worked well for the Cavs this season so far? Aside from LeBron James’ unquestionable brilliance and dominance this season, the mere fact that Dwyane Wade is coming off the bench to provide the leadership when LeBron is resting has done wonders for the Cavs. With Derrick Rose still preparing for his return to the line-up and, Isaiah Thomas still recovering from his injury, that left Tyronn Lue without a choice but to start JR Smith alongside Jose Calderon in some games.
Dwyane Wade’s coming off the bench, as mentioned, has produced positive results for Cleveland and that was evident when Wade scored 24 points against Chicago- shooting 69% from the field while grabbing 6 rebounds in 26 minutes of action. Wade has averaged 11 points per game this season- one of the lowest in his 14-year career but we all know that Wade can still explode for 30+ points anytime.

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While we don’t know how long Dwyane Wade will be coming off the bench this season for the Cavs but if we look at this scenario: LeBron James and Kevin Love providing the spark early on while Wade providing the additional reinforcement off the bench, then there’s no way the Cavs cannot catch-up and overtake the Celtics in the standings.


If anything, we have to commend Dwyane Wade’s attitude towards coming off the bench because even though he’s a legitimate superstar, he embraces his new role for the Cavs with open arms. He can produce 30 points or more in a snap regardless if he’s a starter or not. One way or another, Wade’s contributions to the Cavs are big and that’s why they are winning at the moment.  

David Fizdale Fired: LeBron and Wade Reacted

Both stars said that Fizdale was treated unfairly. Are they right?

David Fizdale got fired after a 7-12 start in the current season.
In most cases, every time a team stumbles down the standings, the blame always goes to the coach. 
Why? Sure, the players are the one playing the game but their plays are determined by the strategy that was planned beforehand by their coach. So whether we like it or not, being a head coach is not easy. Especially in the NBA.
After starting the 2017-2018 season with a 5-1 record, the Memphis Grizzlies have dropped 8 consecutive games after losing to the Brooklyn Nets. But what caught most people’s attention was not the loss. It was David Fizdale’s decision to bench Marc Gasol in the fourth quarter when the Grizzlies were making a comeback. Obviously, that didn’t sit well with Gasol and, that decision by Fizdale cost him his job as he just got fired by Memphis front office.

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However, some people are not happy with the way the Memphis front office has treated David Fizdale who led the Grizzlies into the first round in last season’s playoffs. Among those who expressed their support towards the under-fire coach are two of his former players with the Miami Heat who won two championships with him 2012 and 2013: LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. Both superstars made their support known through social media and they are asking for answers.
LeBron, for one, felt that Fizdale was a “fall guy”. In addition to this, both stars felt that the decision to fire Fizdale when the Grizzlies have yet to reach 20 games into the season, is an unfair decision owing to various reasons such as injury to Memphis’s former leading scorer, Mike Conley. And if you ask this basketball pundit on wheels, it’s ugly for a player to question a coach’s decision- no matter how harsh that decision is.

Question: Was the decision to fire David Fizdale unfair?

Let’s be realistic, folks. Whatever decision that Memphis front office chooses, they did it for the good of their franchise. So in firing David Fizdale as their head coach, they are signaling that changes are coming to the team and the coaching change is just the beginning. 
But was it unfair?
For Fizdale and his supporters, it’s probably is. 


However, let’s also keep in mind that basketball is also a business whether we like it or not. And you cannot blame a team owner for firing a coach just because his team is lagging behind the standings. After all, losing is bad for business, right? 

A Wheeler’s Opinion: The Cavs are on a 4-Game Winning Streak. So what?

Does it mean that they are slowly becoming the team they are meant to be?

LeBron James had another MVP-worthy stat line against the Clippers.

After starting the season on a miserable and inconsistent roller coaster ride, the Cleveland Cavaliers are now on a 4-game winning streak after LeBron James, yet again led the Cavs to an overtime victory against the Los Angeles Clippers, 118-113. The King scored 39 points and grabbed 15 rebounds while playing for 46 minutes. While the Cavs were able to keep their streak going, the Clippers, on the other hand, failed to stop their miseries as they endured their 7th consecutive loss.
After beating Blake Griffin and company, the Cavs improved to 9-7 in the season, now up into 7th place in the East after spending most of the previous weeks lagging behind the top 8. Now comes the question that everyone wanted to ask: is this a sign that the Cleveland Cavaliers we all saw during the past 3 seasons are finally back in their dominant form?

Not. Quite. Yet.

  • Dallas Mavericks
  • New York Knicks
  • Charlotte Hornets
  • Los Angeles Clippers
If we are to look at the 4 teams that the Cavs have defeated in their 4-game winning streak, they are generally poorly performing teams and the Cavs should be able to beat them easily but no.  The Knicks had a double-digit lead only for the Cavs to erase it. Mind you, the Knicks were actually one of the teams who kicked the Cavs in the rear during the latter’s losing streak in the season’s early goings.
Against the Clippers, Cleveland had to rely on LeBron James, again, precisely because only him, Kevin Love and yes, Dwayne Wade were the only ones who scored in double figures for the Cavs. With Derrick Rose, yet again, out due to injury, again, and with Isaiah Thomas not returning anytime soon, that leaves Tyronn Lue without a real point guard which means LeBron will take care of the playmaking responsibilities, again.  However, no matter how great LeBron truly is, everything has a limitation and LeBron can’t do everything and he cannot save the Cavs from embarrassment no matter how hard he tries to do so. 


Sure, the Cavs are on a 4-game winning streak thanks to the collective efforts and leadership of LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. Sure, Wade had 23 points and 11 rebounds off the bench against the Clippers- proving that he has plenty left in his tank. But no, the Cavs are not yet back in their dominant form. Why? If they are, they should be at the top of the East, right? 

By the Numbers: 3 Things Cavs did Against the Knicks and why Knicks Shouldn’t have Mocked the King

The Cavs did more than just erasing a big lead

Lebron jame layup against the Knicks
LeBron James had a triple-double in the Cavs’ win against New York.
Just when the New York Knicks thought that they could come out of the Madison Square Garden as victors against the Cleveland Cavaliers after putting up a 23-point lead, the Cavs roared and came out with the last laughter as LeBron James drained a step-back three-pointer to lift the Cavs to a 104-101 victory over the Knicks in a game which saw LeBron being shoved and even name-called by Enis Kanter. That win, by the way, improved the struggling Cavs’ records to 7-7 in the season.
So what happened? Just check out the numbers below:

The 4th Quarter Massacre

Why massacre? 
The Cavs only scored 13 points in the second quarter when the Knicks were able to build a sizeable margin. They remained flat out in the third quarter but once the fourth quarter came along, the Cavs went on full Super Saiyan mode as they outscored New York 43-25 which was capped by LeBron’s game-winning trey to complete this season’s biggest comeback win, so far. 19 of those 43 points came from Kyle Korver. In addition to this, the Cavs made 9 threes- 1 more than the baskets made by the Knicks in the final quarter, 8.

Another Triple Double for the King: Another Win

Nothing could keep LeBron James down. Not being benched by Tyronn Lue. Not by being shoved by several Knick players. Nothing. By the time the smoke cleared down, LeBron had another triple-double: 23 points, 10 rebounds (pending an official review) and  12 assists. He also had 3 blocks. 

Wade and Korver Produced

With Kevin Love clanking all night long, missing all of his 4 attempts from three, so were JR Smith and Iman Shumpert, Dwayne Wade and Kyle Korver stepped up off the bench to provide reinforcement to the King. Wade scored 15 points and grabbed 8 rebounds. Korver had 21 all in all, built on 5 of 12 shooting from deep. He was also flawless in 6 attempts from the free throw line.


At 7-7, the Cavs are now in the 9th place in the Eastern Conference. If they can keep on winning, they might be able to catch up with the Knicks who are at 6th place in no time. For the Knicks, they shouldn’t have mocked the King. Mock him and you’ll pay the price. Play and focus on the game and who knows, you might make the playoffs. Might. 

A Wheeler’s Opinion: Isaiah Thomas could Rescue Fading Cavs(?)

Given the Cavs’ struggles, they will need all  the help they can get

Isaiah Thomas Cleveland Cavaliers
Could Thomas help improve the Cavs’ situation?

The last time we all saw Isaiah Thomas play in an actual NBA game, it was during last season’s playoffs while still playing for the Boston Celtics in a season that saw Thomas emerged as one of the prominent scorers in the league, especially during clutch situations.
In fact, many pundits were saying that had Thomas was not injured during the latter part of the 2016-2017 season which sidelined him eventually during the Eastern Conference Finals, the Celtics would have at least, challenged the supremacy of the eventual, Eastern Conference champions, Cleveland Cavaliers.
Fast forward to the 2017-2018 season. The Cavs granted the trade demand of Kyrie Irving and sent him to the Celtics in exchange for Thomas plus other reliable players. While the Cavs knew that trading for Thomas would mean that the team will wait until IT has fully recovered from his injury, they went on with the trade anyway.
Having Kyrie Irving leading Boston has proved that the Celtics are the true winner of the trade as they are currently sitting atop the East, thanks to their ongoing 9-game winning streak. The Cavs, on the other hand, despite signing Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose during the offseason, are nowhere near the Top 8 in the East, thanks to their 4-6 record, good for 12th place.
Given the observations by Coach Tyronn Lue and the members of the Cavs’ medical staff, Isaiah Thomas might be returning earlier than what was originally predicted which is January of 2018. In fact, Assistant Coach Phil Handy handled Thomas’ workout earlier this week and had nothing but praises towards IT.
Here’s the question, folks, will Isaiah Thomas improve the situation in Cleveland?


Assuming that Isaiah Thomas returns soon and has no more whatsoever effects of his injury, he will provide the much-needed reinforcement to LeBron James who has been leading the team in scoring with his 28 points per game. Also, having IT on the court will ease off the pressure from Rose who is also dealing with tons of injuries. But the most important thing here, Isaiah Thomas can help the Cavs, especially in clutch situations because in their latest defeat, an embarrassing 117-115 loss at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks, the Cavs have multiple chances to tie the game at the end and yet, they faltered. 


Let’s face it, folks. Once a player gets injured, most of the time, that player won’t be the same aggressive player that he was once before the injury as we saw in Derrick Rose for example. While we have yet to see Isaiah Thomas play this season, there’s a high chance that he’ll still feel some soreness and that will slow him down and eventually, the entire Cleveland squad. 


Given the miserable situation in Cleveland, it will not be a  surprise if Tyronn Lue gets tempted to rush Isaiah Thomas’ return.  While IT has the capability to explode for 30 points in a snap, as we saw last season, it all depends on how well he is feeling come his debut for the Cavs. But one thing is certain, the Cavs will need all the help they can get or Tyronn Lue might lose his coaching job. Or worse, LeBron might leave for LA, sooner than predicted. 

A Wheeler’s Opinion: Why LeBron Should Stay in Cleveland Despite the Struggles

The Cavs have just lost 5 of their previous 6 games. And the Cavs should be worried

Don’t be surprised if #23 will be elsewhere come after the trade deadline.

The Cleveland Cavaliers got Isaiah Thomas plus a couple of players who can score. The Cavs got Dwayne Wade. And most importantly, the Cavs got former league MVP Derrick Rose who is starting in most games since Thomas is still recovering from the injury that he sustained during last season’s playoffs while still playing for the Boston Celtics.

On paper even without Thomas and Rose, the Cavs are still the best team- at least in the Eastern Conference.

10 games into the regular season, are they really the best team in the East?

After opening the season with two consecutive wins over the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks,  the Cavs suddenly became a team like they were before LeBron James came back- a bad team, as evident by their 4-game losing streak which included disappointing loses at the hands of the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks within a span of a week, which was followed by a 124-107 defeat at the hands of the Indiana Pacers.

To get back into the win column, they needed a franchise record-tying 57 points from LeBron James against the Washington Wizards. However, the Cavs next lost to the lowly Atlanta Hawks who won, 117-115.

Now you tell this pundit on wheels, is that how a super team with LeBron James, Dwayne, Kevin Love and Derrick Rose, supposed to be playing?  Losing to bad teams?  Falling to a 4-6 record to open the season? Lagging way behind the standings in the East?


Now, if you’ve been watching the NBA even during the offseason, one of the hottest topics that have been making the talks among NBA pundits was the inevitability of LeBron James leaving the Cavs, again, for the Los Angeles Lakers at the end of the current season. And all previous signs have been pointing towards that scenario.

The only question is this: Will it happen? Answer: Yes!

Follow-up question: How soon will it happen? Answer: It depends on how the Cavs will perform from here on.

Despite scoring 26 points, grabbing 5 rebounds and dishing away 13 assists against the Atlanta Hawks- NBA’s current worst team, LeBron James was a beaten man. Badly beaten. He had to play for 41 minutes. He had to take 17 shots, second-most to Wade’s 19. But still, his MVP-like numbers weren’t enough to propel the Cavs to a victory.  And, observers have been saying that LeBron James has become more frustrated with the Cavs’ struggles.
If anything, don’t get surprised if LeBron drastically demands a trade even before the trade deadline especially if things don’t improve in Cleveland. However, the Lakers knew that they would have to send one of their young guys to Cleveland if a trade is to happen. And, having LeBron on board wouldn’t assure a playoff appearance for LA this season so trading your promising stars isn’t worth it. For now.

While the Cavs are struggling and there’s no doubt that His Majesty is really frustrated but leaving Cleveland this season will not change his situation. The Lakers are not yet seasoned to make their much-awaited return to the playoffs and whether he likes it or not, LeBron’s only chance to beat the Golden State Warriors, for now, is to stay with the Cavs and hope that things get better. ASAP.

If not, then LeBron-to-LA it is.

By the Numbers: 3 Things that Failed the Cavs Against Indiana

And because of these things, the Cavs endured their 4th consecutive loss

The Pacers outscored the Cavs, 32-22 in the 4th quarter to come out with the win.

The defending Eastern Conference champions reloaded themselves during the busy off-season, bringing in Dwayne Wade back alongside LeBron and getting Isaiah Thomas and a bunch of role players from Boston in a deal that sent Kyrie Irving to the Celtics. 
While those deals made the Cleveland Cavaliers, a much-stronger-on-paper “super team” which, according to their fans, can finally match-up well against the Golden State Warriors- should both teams meet again in the NBA Finals.
Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and stay in the course of the regular season, for now. 
8 games into the new season, the Cavaliers are now 3-5, the same record that LeBron James has in his 8 trips to the Finals. 
After starting the season with a win over the Celtics which was followed by another victory against the Bucks, the Cavs went 1-5 since then, including 4 straight losses, the last one from the hands of the Indiana Pacers who are by the way, playing well despite being without a consistent center or a superstar after trading away long-time star player, Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder during the early months of the 2018-2018 off-season.
So what happened to the Cavs against the Pacers? Below are the numbers:

22% Shooting from Deep

Let’s start with the worst one. To begin with, the Cavs are shooting 34% from long distance during the course of those 8 games- placing them tied for the 19th spot in that category. Against the Pacers however, LeBron James and company only made 7 OUT OF 31 ATTEMPTS from the 3-point line- that’s 22% 3-point field goal shooting, folks. And yet they allowed Indiana to hit 16 of their 26 attempts from that area. You see the difference? It was a huge difference. 
Need any more? Here are the players who miserably struggled from outside:
  • Kevin Love: 2 of 6
  • LeBron James: 1 of 5
  • JR Smith: 2 of 6
  • Jae Crowder: 0 of 5
  • Kyle Korver: 1 of 5

8 Turnovers for The King

While there’s no doubt in everyone’s mind, or at the very least, in the minds of his fans, that LeBron James is on a course to win another MVP this season. But, how can you even win a basketball game if you are careless with the ball? Despite his 33 points, 6 rebounds and 11 assists against the Pacers, one of the many things that haunted LeBron and eventually the Cavs, was his 8 turnovers- that’s half of the turnovers Cavs had during the entire game. 

Lack of Intensity from the Starters

If your starters are struggling, then pray that your bench steps up. In this case, the bench of Tyronn Lue outscored the bench players of Indiana, 34-18. The problem was: the Cavs’ starters failed to match the intensity and consistency of the Pacers’ first five as the latter outscored the former, 106-73. Indiana could have beaten the Cavs by relying on their starters alone but fortunately, they had little help from off the bench. 


Maybe the Cavs are dealing with many things nowadays, LeBron’s impending departure, Derrick Rose’s injury, Dwayne Wade coming off the bench, possible chemistry issue. You name it. Maybe having too many superstars have finally caught on the Cavs. Maybe it’s affecting their chemistry to begin with. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. If they don’t sort things out by themselves, then they won’t be making it back to the Finals this season. Just maybe. 

The Dwayne Wade Effect

This deal will have a series of rippling effects

The Cavs has just gotten stronger. Or have they?
When the news about the Chicago Bulls and Dwayne Wade finally had agreed on the buyout agreement with regards to Wade’s contract, the rest of the NBA went crazy because of the great number of teams already lining up to get Wade’s services. And believe it or not, one of those teams that approached the Flash is the Oklahoma City Thunder which recently acquired another star in Carmelo Anthony via a trade just last week. 
Of course, there were talks about the possibility of a return to the Miami Heat but if anything, no rumors grew louder than the one surrounding the possibility of a reunion between Wade and LeBron James, in Cleveland. And true to form, one of the greatest dynamic duos that the NBA has seen, has just been reunited after Dwayne Wade agreed to play with his pal, LeBron James, for the defending Eastern Conference champions, Cleveland Cavaliers.
Many NBA pundits, including the one writing this piece, has already predicted this reunion but to some, it’s not the question of the talents of both Wade and LeBron because when it comes to talent, we all know how talented both players are especially during their championship runs with the Miami Heat.
It’s the question of how Wade will be able to blend in a Cavaliers roster that already has Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas and of course, Derrick Rose. While Wade has been expected to start for the Cavs, Rose will likely start in place of Thomas who is likely to miss some games as he is still recovering from the hip injury he sustained during last season’s Eastern Conference Finals. 
With  everything that has been said, below are the major effects of this deal not just to the Cavs, but to the rest of the league:

A Super Team Gone More Super(?)

During the past 3 seasons, super teams have been popping out in the NBA thanks to the effect that is called, the Golden State Warriors effect. While some say that it was LeBron James who started this trend when he joined the Heat back in 2010, the balance in the NBA has never been the same since  Kevin Durant joined the Warriors last season after the latter blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals the season before it. That’s how everyone wanted to beat the Warriors so badly. 
While the Cavs are still considered as a powerhouse team in the East even before Dwayne Wade came over, there’s no doubt in everyone’s mind that this deal will cement the Cavs’ status as one of the strongest teams in the league- at least on paper. In fact, they might be better come the regular season and the playoffs because we all know that Wade has been one of the most reliable clutch players any coach can trust to make the final shot. It’s now the question of how Coach Tyronn Lue will manage his rotation and how the players will react to Wade’s arrival. 
But like it or not, the Cavs is now a team which can go miles and miles away with four superstars in their starting line-up.

The East Belongs to the Cavs. For now.

Like it or not, even a Boston Celtics team that has Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward plus Al Horford cannot compete with the Cavs- at least on paper. The Bulls have lost Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo to the West. The Toronto Raptors will have to hope that DeMar DeRozan will lessen his tendency to shoot bricks should they want to compete against the Cavs. 
The Washington Wizards? John Wall can’t carry the Wizards even if he has magic powers like Harry Potter. Who is left to challenge the Cavs come the playoffs? Answer:  Nobody. The Celtics can try but the Cavaliers will have more firepower by then should Wade, Thomas and Rose stay healthy come playoff time. 

Increased Chances of Keeping LeBron. For now.

While the rumors surrounding LeBron’s impending move to the Los Angeles Lakers come next season are refusing to die, having one of his best pals in the team will help LeBron rebuild his strained relationship with the Cavs front office. Or at the very least, keep the tensions minimal. Wade’s arrival will also add leadership which will be very much needed especially during clutch situations. 
But one important effect of the Dwayne Wade deal for Cleveland, in general, is that one way or another, this deal will increase the Cavs’ chances of keeping LeBron especially if this reunion will produce a championship assuming Cleveland makes it back to the Finals and beat the Warriors. And should that scenario happens, there’s a high chance that the King will reconsider his decision to sign with the Lakers come July of 2018. But given the fact that this is the NBA, anything can happen between now and 2018 so basically, it’s a wait-and-see game. 
In the end, chemistry will dictate how far this reunion will go and if this reunion will indeed, end in a championship parade. Yes, the Cavs have gotten themselves a veteran star in Wade. Yes, the Cavs have no one else in the East to at least, challenge them come playoffs. And yes, NBA fans, the Cavs have formed an even deadlier-on-paper super team who will try to dethrone the Warriors. 

Top 3 Aging NBA Players to Look Out

They may be old but they can still compete

In some cases, players who were able to play in the NBA for 10 years consider themselves lucky because like it or not, playing in the 82-game regular season is a huge sacrifice for anyone regardless of your height and age. There may be times when you’re feeling like you can score at any given time and there may also be times when things weren’t going your way. Health and fatigue will dictate one’s longveity in the NBA because mind you, aside from the fact that youi’ll get bumped. elbowed and sometimes, hit by the knee more than you can possibly count, you will also need worry about Father Time as well who can slow you down no matter how hard you try to avoid him. 
The 2017-2018 season is just around the corner and there are some players who will enter the season already in the final playable years. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 3 NBA players whom, despite their age, can still play at a high level given the opportunity:
Wade is still among the elite guards in the NBA 

First on the list is none other than 3-time NBA champion, Dwayne Wade. He spent his first 14 seasons in the NBA with the Miami Heat before playing alongside Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo for the Chicago Bulls. At the age of 35, Wade can still compete alongside the elite slashers and despite the fact that his numbers have went down, just averaging 18 points per game and logging in 29 minutes per game, he will still be a valuable asset to any team that he will be playing because as of the moment, Wade is still waiting for the buyout offer from the Bulls which will enable him to either return to the Heat or sign elsewhere.
Who doesn’t like watching this guy dunk?
Vince Carter is probably one of the few NBA veterans who deserves a shot at an NBA title before hanging his jersey for good. Even as he is about to enter his 20th season with the Sacramento Kings, he remains a fan favourite because of his terrorizing dunks and acrobatic moves which leave defenders in awe. His 3 seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies saw his numbers drop dramatically. During the 2016-2017 season, Vince Carter only manage to average score 8 points per game, his highest with the Grizzlies. He’s now looking to provide the leadership and the much-needed spark with the Kings, a team which too, underwent massive makeover moves over the last few years. If anything, not having won an NBA title doesn’t take anything from Vince. He has proven himself to be  one of the best and most creative dunkers that the league has ever seen. But again, he is more than just about his monstrous dunks and his fellow players know that.
Kyle Korver will remain a threat especially from the 3-point line
While it’s unfortunately true that Kyle Korver has never won the 3-point shootout, it doesn’t mean that he can’t score threes because HE CAN shoot and score 3-pointers like there’s no more tomorrow. In fact, in the 35 regular season games that he played with the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, he made 48% of his three-pointers and in he NBA, that’s already a high percentage for a player like Korve despite his age of 36. His 10 points per game average may be a small thing but he will remain a valuable asset to the Cavs come the new season. And when the game is on the line, Kyle Korver can come through. We’ve seen him take clutch shots and we’ve seen him make many of those.

I Love me Some Gerald Green! 24 pts with insane dunks vs Pelicans.


Gerald Green is playing insane in the pre-season last 3 games he has led the Heat with 20 or more points. He also led the team in pre-season with 17.3 ppg. He has accepted the role in this team making the Heat squad looking like the favorites to go up against LBJ and the rest of the NBA’s Eastern teams. 

This game against Davis’ and the Pelicans,
Green scored 24 pts in 26 minutes with 10-15 shooting 1-2 from 3pt. 

I have discussed a lot about Green in the past few days so let me just give you the highlights below. 

Caution: The Rim got murdered!

Written by:
Aldrin C.
Team Powcast

Trending in Miami: Stars opting out of contracts!

LeBron James,  Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh opting out party could mean something big is about to happen

Miami Heat brewing something big this offseason

Wade, Bosh and LeBron Heat

55 million dollars, not bad for a salary cap space. Thanks to LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh  and special mention  to Udonis Haslem, they all opted out from their pricey  contract and from were I am standing I see Miami Heat pursuing another big star to join them in South Beach.

Carmelo Anthony, Kyle Lowry, Kevin Love these are just some of the big names that could potentially be teaming up with the big three in Miami. I am not an avid Miami Heat fan but certainly not a hater. In fact they are one of my favorite teams. While speculation of LeBron James leaving Miami Heat  roams around the internet, it could certainly come true with the right offer however, I believe it is far from happening.

Why would LeBron James leave when he already have two willing stars to play for him, a coach that practically understand how he plays and a team that has never missed Finals appearance since he transferred, for me its a no brainer. What’s really next for him I think is to sacrifice a little bit of that money so they can attract other free agents to join them and it has just happened.

If I am a free agent and I am looking to win games and potentially win championship, there is no better place to get it done than in Miami, assuming that LeBron, Wade and Bosh stays in Miami.


Dwyane Wade surprises a fan at Prom video

According to Dwayne Wade, people should never be to scared to ask because they might say yes!
This is exactly what happened to a high school girl who uploaded a Youtube proposal video  inviting Dwayne Wade to attend her prom night. Nicole Muxo is a senior at Miami’s Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School and a big fan of the Miami Heat.
Check out what happened during the prom night as Dwayne Wade surprise a fan on her prom night.

The Proposal

The Surprise

KD and DWade nightmares, Gatorade commercial

Fixation is a story about the relentless inner drive of athletes to be the best they can be. This is what Gatorade is calling it, for me it is a preview of this year NBA finals.  Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade is two of the best athletes in today’s generation and Gatorade just showed on this commercial that aside form your given talents and skills its the inner drive to win and be the best that contribute to becoming a winner and a great player. check out one of the best Gatorade commercial that I have ever seen.

New Dwayne Wade Li Ning Shoe Photo

New Dwayne Wade Li Ning Shoe Photo, Yes the rumors are true, Dwayne Wade disses Nike for another Shoe brand. What is the brand of the New Dwayne Wade shoe? Obviously a lot are wondering why Dwayne Wade signed to a less known brand. The answers is obliviously better offer, but how do you think it will sell to the Market? China and the Chinese are one of the biggest market on the planet if that amounts to anything. If he can sell to the majority of that Market then its a good enough investment for L Ning. Check out the New Dwayne Wade Li Ning Shoe Photo.

Dwayne Wade wearing Li Ning shoe
 Dwayne Wade Li Ning shoe
What do you think of the new Dwayne Wade shoes?


Dwayne Wade new Shoes endorsement, not Nike?

Dwayne Wade dont want to be like Mike anymore as he officially end his endorsement deal with the Jordan Brand, He will be endorsing a Chinese brand shoes, yes you got it right. He will be endorsing the New Li-Ning Shoe starting October 10. 

Dwayne Wade posted this himself
  Dwayne Wade Li-Ning’s new endorsed Oct 10

Nike Inc.’s Jordan Brand has lost one of its biggest names after severing ties with Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade. “The Jordan Brand and Dwyane Wade have mutually agreed to end our relationship,” the Jordan Brand said in a statement Tuesday. “We wish Dwyane well as he continues his career.”

“I just really can’t comment on my new deal,” Wade said. “I did mutually part ways with the Jordan umbrella, with Jordan and Converse. I had a great nine years, but we have mutually parted ways, and I’m moving on.” […] “It’s just the time,” Wade said. “We just went our separate ways. But I still feel honored to have represented my favorite player of all time and his brand and the opportunity I was given.”

Miami Heat looking good!

Miami Heat looking good! people can say whatever, but  Heat still the best team in the NBA, even after Lakers acquisition of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. Lakers may have the better player in the center position but Miami Heat has the best Guard and forward in the league, center don’t win the game and frankly having Dwight wont really does not change much in the Lakers offense, Bynum was as good as Dwight Howard, the only difference would be Howard’s defense. Will see in the upcoming months. 

An update on Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade talks about his injury, the difference between his first and second championship, Lebron James , his position as being the secondary guy in Miami Heat, The Lakers and his new book. Oh yes he is now an author, Dwayne Wade always a humble guy and he shows it with this interview. Its nice to see that he is okay, I am excited to see the Miami Heat takes on the Los Angeles Lakers. Who do you think will win?

Dwayne Wade  interview

Dwayne Wade and Nelly hit the Club

Nelly performed at The Mid in Chicago at Dwyane Wade’s kick off party for his 5th annual Wade’s World Foundation Weekend. Dwayne Wade with his camera with him take the stage with Hip Hop star Nelly. Dwayne Wade was not singing on stage, I don’t think you can call his moves dancing a, but who cares sports fan and hip hop fans  get two treats in one. Watch Dwayne Wade and Nelly sing on Stage on this video.


Its Raining Flagrant foul in Miami Videos!

Miami Heat beat the Indiana Pacers with the score of 115 – 83, its a total beat down as the two teams gets too physical trying to get game 5 of the best of 7 series. Game 5 is a pivotal and critical game because the team who gets it only need to get one more win to advance. 
Lebron James and Dwayne Wade and the rest of the heat took down the Pacers literally. Watch this two flagrant fouls from Haslem and Pittman. 

Udonis Haslem Flagrant foul

Dester Pittman elbow, Flagrant Foul

Will Dexter Pittman and Udonis Haslem be suspended, Should they be?

Dwyane Wade vs Jimmy Fallon free throw shoot out

Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Fallon, one and one Free throw shootout with different stuff. Check it out and see who is the better free throw shooter between Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Fallon. 


 Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Fallon Shoot out

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David Stern and Dwayne Wade Fight?

NBA lockout Update: Basketball player assault the Commissioner!

In the news today! The NBA lockout negotiation is still far fetch as owners and players continues to have disagreement after another and as the event continue to plummet down no one expect any kind of progress. Also Dwayne Wade and Commissioner David Stern allegedly got in to some verbal assault which almost resulted to some players walking out of the negotiation table, well almost. This means we have nothing to watch than another exhibition games. 

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