Cavs Interested in Lou Williams

Cleveland has been said to be willing to send two players for Williams

There’s no doubt in the minds of every fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers that their team is struggling DESPITE LeBron James’ brilliance and the fact that Isaiah Thomas has been playing. They have dropped 7 of their last 10 games and the last one wasn’t a good one either. The Cavs got themselves destroyed by the Oklahoma City Thunder. 148-124, ON THE CAVS’ OWN FLOOR.
The Cavs have been included in the teams that are looking to make a move before the trade deadline this February and among the players whom the Cavs are targetting is DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers. And apparently, DJ isn’t the only player from the Clippers who is being targetted by the defending Eastern Conference champions.
Ladies and gentlemen, can you imagine Lou Williams in a Cavs uniform?
Yes, folks. Lou Williams, one of the few bright spots in the otherwise an ugly season for the Clippers, has emerged as a trade target for the Cavaliers who are looking to reshape their roster because people are beginning to worry that they might not make it past the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics- should both squads make it that far.
To begin with, Lou Williams has been on a tear in the last 10 games as he is averaging 31 points and 6 assists per game. And the Clippers are lurking around in the 8th spot in the West with a 23-21 record.
Apparently, the Cavs are willing to send JR Smith alongside Tristan Thompson in exchange for DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams. While the ESPN Trade Machine has indicated that the trade involving the said players will work without the complexities, the Trade Machine also indicated that the Cavs will add 4 wins to their projected number of wins assuming that they pull the trigger on this one.
Assuming that both teams will make this deal a reality, the Cavs will now have two elite scorers off the bench in Lou Williams and Dwayne Wade. With DeAndre Jordan at the 5 spot, Kevin Love can now focus on playing at his natural position. With JR Smith gone, Tyronn Lue can start Kyle Korver at the 2 spot to provide some early long-range bombs.


There’s no doubt that the Cavs are in dire need of upgrade despite having one of the best players in the NBA on board. Hopefully, having a player like Lou Williams and having one of the league’s elite rim defenders in DeAndre Jordan will improve the Cavs’  situation because if not, they will become the laughingstock of the NBA. 

DeAndre Jordan Wants to be Traded to Houston

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

Apparently, DJ wants to be reunited with Chris Paul

One thing is certain for now: DeAndre Jordan won’t be finishing his career with the Los Angeles Clippers. In fact, he might be even playing for another team after the trade deadline. 
Why? His name has been included in a great number of trade rumor over the course of the last few months and given the fact that the Clippers aren’t winning the number of games they should  be winning even after the departure of Chris Paul, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Clippers are growing frustrated and among those who are clearly frustrated is none other  than DeAndre Jordan himself.
And now, the man of the hour has already stated what he wanted to happen- that if you will understand Stephen A. Smith of ESPN. 
Apparently, DeAndre Jordan would welcome any trade that would send him to the Houston Rockets that would reunite him with Chris Paul- someone who provided a big amount of success to the Clippers during their stint together which were highlighted by multiple playoff appearances and non-stop alley-oop plays that ignited the crowd whether they were playing at Staples Center or on the road.

Who should the Rockets send in exchange for DeAndre Jordan?

To begin with, DeAndre Jordan could make the Rockets a lot better especially on the defensive end of the game as he is the 2nd-best rebounder in the league right now, averaging 14 rebounds per game while his ability to penetrate the shaded area should benefit the Rockets as he’s shooting 66.1% from the field- the second-best in the league just behind the Rockets’ Clint Capela.
Ideally, a one-on-one swap would be the best way to handle this one. However, ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine has said that a straight swap between DeAndre Jordan and Clint Capela wouldn’t work because of the luxury tax and cap space issues. And so would Eric Gordon. 
So who’s the best guy the Rockets could offer?

Ryan Anderson 

A DeAndre Jordan-Ryan Anderson swap would benefit the Rockets because according to the Trade Machine, the Rockets would have added 5 wins to their projected number of wins by the end of the current season. On the other hand, a guy like Ryan Anderson could provide a stretched player who could play both 3 and 4 spots and can shoot threes. 


Remember those alley-oop plays ran by Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan? Those are amazing to watch, right? We might be able to see them again. The only question is: will the teams pull the trigger on this deal? 

Don’t Sleep on Lou Williams Just Yet

Lou Williams Los Angeles Clippers

Don’t count the Clippers out just yet, either.

The Los Angeles Clippers have been on the rise after starting the season in a horrible way. At 17-19, the Clippers are currently just outside the playoff picture of the Western Conference and they have come a long way. Despite injury problems that hit 4 of their starters, the Clippers have appeared to have finally figured it out as they are riding on a 4-game winning streak.
Despite losing Chris Paul who is now playing for the Houston Rockets, the Clippers have returned to their winning ways and that’s thanks to one guy: Lou Williams.
In 35 games, Lou Williams has only started in 7 of those games as he is proven effective as a solid scorer off the bench. And his numbers aren’t lying either. He’s the second-leading scorer of the Clippers, averaging 21 points per game- second to Blake Griffin’s 23 points per game average. But as mentioned, Lou Williams is an established scorer. In the Clippers’ win against the Memphis Grizzlies, Williams scored 33 points.
During the final week of 2017, Williams averaged 28 points and 4 assists per game while helping the Clippers go 3-0. That was enough for Williams to earn his 2nd Western Conference Player of the Week recognition in his career. On New Year’s Eve, he scored 40 points, marking the first time a bench player scored that much since he first accomplished the same back in 2016 when he was still playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.


Rumor has it that Lou Williams may be traded this season. If this is true, then the Clippers may be throwing away the lone bright spot that is keeping their season interesting. After all, Lou Williams is one of the front-runners to win this season’s Sixth Man of the Year plum. 

3 Big NBA Stars Likely to be Traded this Month

With trade season already in full swing, expect these players in different teams before February.

The trades that were made during the off-season prior to the current season were blockbuster ones that some fans even made pre-season predictions that their respective teams will beat this and that. And now that the trade restrictions are off the hook, we can expect more of those blockbuster trades especially now that the February trade deadline is fast approaching. 
During the first three months of the 2017-2018 season, the NBA has been rocked by the deafening noise that is created by the trade rumors surrounding big names. With January already a few days old, we should be seeing some of those rumors to become a reality and below are the three BIG stars who are likely to be playing for another team come February: 

1. Paul George

Despite playing alongside Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony in the Oklahoma City Thunder, Paul George’s name has been connected to various trade rumors which included a trade that could send him to the Los Angeles Lakers- a team PG13 is desiring to play for. For this trade to happen, the Lakers could offer Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson in exchange for Paul George. 
While trading Jordan Clarkson is definitely a heavy decision for the Lakers because JC6 has emerged as a solid leader off the bench, trading Julius Randle will be easier because he isn’t fond of coming off the bench. If this trade happens, it will be a win-win situation for both teams because Paul George now gets to play for his hometown while Julius Randle gets a fresh start with the Thunder alongside Jordan Clarkson who could start at shooting guard for the Thunder. 

2. Julius Randle

As mentioned above, Julius Randle is no longer happy with his decreased role while playing for Luke Walton. So expect him to be sent elsewhere where he would be utilized better. Possible destinations for Randle would be the Thunder, Denver Nuggets and, yes, even the still-struggling New York Knicks. Julius Randle could be a valuable asset to any team who could get him because he is still young and can still develop into a dominant power forward.  

3. DeAndre Jordan

DJ’s Los Angeles Clippers are playing catching up for the 8th spot in the Western Conference as they are riding on their 4-game winning streak. However, with injuries to key players,  the Clippers are no longer the same team they used to be during the Chris Paul era. 
And despite DJ playing well this season, it appears that the Clippers are no longer interested in paying for DJ’s hefty salary as they have been engaged in numerous talks with opposing teams in hopes of getting someone of high quality in exchange for Jordan, one of the league’s elite centers. Right now, there are two teams who have the potential to land DJ: the Milwaukee Bucks and the Cleveland Cavaliers.   


Of the three mentioned players, Paul George has the highest possibility of getting traded owing to the current situation in Oklahoma. Why? They have yet to perform like the super team they were supposed to be. Who knows? Trading one of their stars might help actually help the Thunder. 

DeAndre Jordan to the Bucks: How DJ Could Make Milwaukee a Contender?

The Bucks need a legitimate center to back up the Greek Freak and Eric Bledsoe

Giannis Antetokounmpo will benefit the most if DeAndre Jordan goes to Milwaukee. 

With the talents that DeAndre Jordan has, his rebounding abilities plus his defensive expertise, it shouldn’t be a surprise if many teams, especially from the Eastern Conference, are trying to acquire Jordan via a trade. 
You see, a center of DJ’s caliber is now a rare thing in this league that is now dominated by guards. While we have seen multiple players who can play the center position, the true strength of a good team lies behind how strong its frontline is- particularly the one who is playing the center position because that guy will be the team’s anchor on defense.
DeAndre Jordan has been among the players who are likely to be traded this season. Why? With the Los Angeles Clippers miserably struggling this season as evident by their 9-15 record, plus the mere fact that 4 of their starters have been down for quite some time now due to injuries, trading away Jordan who is averaging 10 points and 14 rebounds per game, seems like the best choice the Clippers have as of the moment if they are to salvage what is left of this ugly season. 

The question is: which team will benefit if they acquire DeAndre Jordan?

The truth is, any team will benefit from getting DeAndre Jordan’s services and among those teams is the Milwaukee Bucks- a team that is interested in getting DJ- according to reports. Now, to get DeAndre Jordan, the Bucks can send John Henson, Malcolm Brogdon, and Khris Middleton in exchange for DJ. Why? The Clippers are rumored to be interested in acquiring at least TWO of the mentioned players.
Now, assuming that this trade will materialize, this deal will enable the Bucks to become a stronger team than they were during early stages of the season. Rebounding-wise, they will become a better rebounding team because aside from Giannis Antetokounmpo who is currently leading the team with 10 rebounds per game, DJ’s rebounding numbers will be a big boost for the Bucks. This alone will make the Bucks a better team overall.


While there’s no assurance as of now that this trade will happen anytime soon, we can be assured that there will be more teams who will become interested in DeAndre Jordan’s services. After all, he’s among the league’s elite centers. 

DeAndre Jordan to DC: The Possibility?

The DJ Saga is gaining more noise

The NBA season is more than a month old and trade rumors surrounding different superstars have been swarming in, non-stop. After the Memphis Grizzlies announced that Marc Gasol is off the market, for now, another big man in the Western Conference is being targeted by various teams who are looking to acquire him via a blockbuster trade that will surely rock the league. His name is none other than DeAndre Jordan of the now-struggling Los Angeles Clippers.
To begin, the Clippers actually began their first season in the post-Chris Paul era on a high note until injuries to starters started to pile up. Then came along their 9-game losing streak. Then came along again, the injury that hit Blake Griffin. While Blake Griffin has been missing tons of games in the past due to his inability to stay healthy on a long period of time, this injury came at a bad time when the Clippers are already undermanned. Then, the trade rumors surrounding DJ came out. What else could go wrong for the Clippers this season?
As mentioned above, there are many teams, specifically in the Eastern Conference, who are very much interested in availing the services of one of the league’s elite rim defenders in DeAndre Jordan. Aside from the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Milwaukee Bucks, among the possible destinations for the center is the Washington Wizards. Question: Do the Wizards have enough to trade for DJ?

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The answer is yes. The Wizards do have the pieces to trade for DeAndre Jordan. One of the possible packages that the Wizards should consider will include sending Jason Smith, Marcin Gortat, Kelly Oubre and a draft pick to the Clippers in exchange for Jordan.  While this 4 for 1  trade scenario may appear to be unfair for the Wizards, it’s not. Really. It’s fair for both sides. Why? DJ is set to become a free agent at the end of the current season so trading him now will be the best move for the Clippers.


The scenario of seeing DeAndre Jordan teaming up with John Wall and Bradley Beal is yummy for the eyes but that will not make the Wizards a title contender just yet. But the DeAndre Jordan-to-DC deal will benefit the Wizards in many ways that Washington fans may not think of.

The Clippers’ Trouble: How do they get out?

Injury problems plus trade rumors are piling up. So are the losses

One cannot simply help but feel bad towards the Los Angeles Clippers and their recent struggles. Why? The Clippers were used to be one of the West’s top teams and have been a consistent playoff-bound team for the last 7 years. Now?
Milos Teodosic is injured. So is Danilo Gallinari although reports are now saying that Gallinari is returning soon. But one injury that hit the Clippers the worst is the one that hit Blake Griffin. 
Next, there’s the nagging rumor surrounding DeAndre Jordan’s future with the team as 4 teams are now interested in acquiring the center via a blockbuster trade. Despite his free throw shooting percentage, DeAndre Jordan remains as one of the league’s elite centers and defenders so it’s no surprise teams will try and try to acquire him.
Then there are also some people who are asking: Why is Doc Rivers still coaching? Many people are blaming Doc Rivers for the Clippers’ struggles. It might be unfair for them to do so but if you look at it, they might have a point. So how do the Clippers get out of their problems?

Settle the DeAndre Jordan Issue

Once and for all,  the Clippers’ front office should decide what they are going to do with DeAndre Jordan- whether they will be entertaining trade offers or not. Why is this important?

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Regardless of which path the Clippers will take, it will allow everyone to move on and focus on playing the game itself. This will also help DeAndre Jordan too because once the issue surrounding his future has been settled, it will help him regain his focus towards the game.

Stay Healthy. Get Healthy Players

One of the problems that have been hampering the Clippers this season is their inability to stay healthy in the long run. One may say that the Clippers are cursed with this injury problem. If the Clippers can stay healthy and probably get new players from the free agency or even trades, they can make a big push for the playoffs.


To simply tell you how bad the Clippers are this season, they are at 8-14, only half a game better than the Lakers. While it’s still a long season, the Clippers may need to act quickly and smart if they want to maintain their playoff streak. Dealing with the DeAndre Jordan situation might be the first step. 

DeAndre to Milwaukee for Three Young Bucks, A Possibility?

Clippers is interested in three young Bucks!

Let the rumor mill grind as we are once again at that moment in time when teams are looking to make some changes after a month of basketball in the NBA. 
Clippers may be one of those team who badly needs some change of scenario. Currently, with 8 wins and 12 losses, they are not the team they used to be. Certainly, the departure of Chris Paul in the offseason and the injury of Blake Griffin are major factors that’s why the Clippers is back on the drawing board searching for answers. 
This season injury has been a close companion of the team and rumor has been the sidekick and the recent one is the trade rumor concerning the only remaining core member of the Clippers Lob City era. DeAndre Jordan according to many sources is on the trading block and a number of teams have already shown interest, the likes of Toronto Raptors, Washington Wizards, Minnesota Timberwolves and the Milwaukee Bucks. 
Per Woelfel’s Press Box, the Milwaukee Bucks are making a concerted push to acquire veteran center Deandre Jordan from the L.A. Clippers. On the other side of the fence, the Clippers may be interested in getting multiple pieces one that includes the rookie of the year Malcolm Brogdon, John Henson and Khris Middleton. 

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The Clippers may be asking too much but the Bucks might consider only letting go of two players. The Buck recently lost Bigman Greg Monroe in a recent blockbuster trade with the Phoenix Suns that landed them Eric Bledsoe. 
The Bucks has been making a conscious effort to build around their centerpiece Giannis Antetokounmpo. 

Update on Blake Griffin’s Injury: It’s Bad

Blake Griffin has sprained MCL, could be out two months

The 28-year-old primary player of the Los Angeles Clippers could be out for more than two months after the team confirmed that he sprained the MCL in his left knee.
Test results on Tuesday showed no structural damage to the knee, according to the Clippers. But the Clippers is approaching them cautiously as they have already been ravaged by injuries starting from their newly acquired point guard Patrick Beverly to the backup point guard Milos Teodosic and one of their primary scorer Danilo Gallinari.

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Griffin has been averaging 23.6 points and 7.9 rebounds this season, his loss would mean Montrezl Harrel would need to pick up some of the load and DeAndre Jordan who had been in the center of some trade rumors had to also produce more.
Blake Griffin signed a five-year deal this year worth  $173 million maximum contract.

A Wheeler’s Opinion: What is the Best Destination for DeAndre Jordan?

Like it or not, DeAndre Jordan will benefit any team that gets him

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan’s name has been included in the nagging trade rumors surrounding the Los Angeles Clippers and given how bad the Clippers are as of late as they recently ended a 9-game losing streak, pundits are now feeling that now’s the proper time for the Clippers to make a decision: make a roster move and now save whatever that it is left of their season. Why?
The Clippers currently have a 6-11 record which puts them just 3 places above the Dallas Mavericks- the West’s worst team at this very moment. In fact, the Clippers’ cross-hall neighbor, the Lakers, have a slightly better record at 8-11 which ties the Lakers with the Utah Jazz in the 9th spot. Had the playoffs started today, the Clippers’ 7-year streak of 7 straight playoff appearances would have been snapped. Fortunately, the Clippers have until the trade deadline to make a trade- big enough to turn their season around.

But let’s focus on DeAndre Jordan, folks. Through 17 games of the current season so far, he has averaged 10 points and 13 rebounds per game. He’s the second-leading rebounder in the league- just one of the many things why DJ has been among the most-sought-after centers in the NBA
During the past few days, rumors surrounding trade possibilities involving DeAndre Jordan Sources have already indicated that there are multiple teams who have expressed interest in acquiring Jordan via a trade.
Now, if you ask this basketball pundit on wheels, there’s one specific team that will benefit the most if it acquires the services of DeAndre Jordan- one way or another. That team is none other than LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Why?
Here’s why:
Despite the fact that the Cavs are on a 7-game winning streak which improved their record to 12-7, the Cavs are still in need of a consistent rebounder and a rim protector. Sure, Kevin Love can play at the center position but we all know that hasn’t worked for the Cavs for Love is more of a 4 than a 5. Tristan Thompson, on the other hand, has only played 8 games this season so far- all thanks to injuries.

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That’s where DeAndre Jordan comes into the picture. Imagine having a starting unit that includes LeBron James, Kevin Love, Isaiah Thomas (when he comes back), and finally, DJ. That’s a scary starting unit- at least on paper.
For this trade to work, the Cavs would have to include either Thompson or Iman Shumpert along with Channing Frye and a draft pick in exchange for Jordan. This trade could work both ways because once Thompson and Shumpert return to full health, they will give the Clippers additional firepower.


The Cavs will need a center of DeAndre Jordan’s caliber if they want to challenge the Golden State Warriors anew. While getting DJ will require sacrifices, it will all be worth it because that will make the Cavs even stronger- at least on paper, right?

A Wheeler’s Opinion: Can Big Trades Save the Clippers’ Season?

Trade Rumors are popping out surrounding DeAndre Jordan. Will the Clippers bite?

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan

Over the past seasons, the Los Angeles Clippers have been ruling the Staples Center and have been playing well better than their cross-hall neighbor, the Lakers. 
In fact, the Clippers have been to the playoffs for seven consecutive seasons with Chris Paul at the point guard position and DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin manning up defenders in the shaded area. 
Although they haven’t made any deep runs through the playoffs in those 7 playoff appearances, at least they were making the playoffs unlike the Lakers, right?
Fast forward to the 2017-2018 season. Chris Paul has gone to Houston to join James Harden with the Rockets. JJ Reddick is now shooting threes for Philadelphia. And yet, the Clippers had a promising 4-0 start. 
Then, things suddenly went south for the Clippers as they endured 9 consecutive defeats- a run they only ended with a victory against the Atlanta Hawks, one of the worst teams in the East. 
To make things even worse, injuries are beginning to pile up as Patrick Beverley has been ruled out for the rest of the season as the Clippers are already without starters Danilo Gallinari and Milos Teodosic who are dealing with injuries as well.
Without three of their starters, the Clippers have gone from playoff-bound to potentially, a lottery-bound team as they are in 13th place in the Western Conference with a 6-11 record. Having said this, is this the right time for the Clippers to explore trade possibilities if they want their playoff streak to keep going?

Yes. But are they going to do it?

Over the past few days, trade rumors surrounding DeAndre Jordan have been making the rounds. In fact, rumors have it that multiple teams are inquiring about trade possibilities involving Jordan. 
The Clippers, on one hand, can use these trades tp upstart their rebuilding process because whether they admit it or not, they definitely need to rebuild their team. 

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However, trading DeAndre Jordan would mean Blake Griffin would need to shoulder the load that Jordan is carrying at the moment because no matter who the Clippers will get in exchange for Jordan, it will take time for that player to blend in the offense of the Clippers. 
So yes, if there are trade offers, why not trade DeAndre Jordan?  But given the risk factors which includes Jordan’s free throw shooting, it’s definitely risky.


Make no mistake about it, folks. DeAndre Jordan is still among the West’s dominant centers and any team would benefit from trading for him. 
Now, if the Clippers want to save their season and avoid being laughed at by Laker fans, now is the time to make that decision. Make the needed moves and make the team competitive again. Don’t and you are bound to miss the playoffs for the first time in 7 seasons.  

A Wheeler’s Opinion: Who are the Most Disappointing Teams in the West Right Now?

After promising starts, big roster moves during the offseason, these teams are still faltering

The Thunder, despite having a talented Big 3, are failing to live up to expectations.
There’s no doubt in everyone’s minds that the Western Conference is still for the Golden State Warriors to dominate, no matter what the other teams in the West do with their respective teams. They can try to challenge the Warriors of Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson but not every West team have enough firepower to even match the offensive outburst of the Warriors. But despite that, all teams in the West have made notable moves whether it’s signing of new guys, to the hiring of new coaches and yes, some have assembled their own Big 3.
Now that the season is 5 weeks-old, the Warriors are back on top of the standings after struggling during the early goings of the season and yes, they are tied with the Houston Rockets with an identical record at 13-4. Following them are the San Antonio Spurs who are still without Kawhi Leonard and Tony Parker. 
But let’s not talk about how good the West is right now because not all teams in the West are doing great this season so far and this basketball pundit on wheels listed down below the three teams in the West who are failing miserably to live up to expectations:

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Oklahoma City Thunder: 7-9 (tied with the Memphis Grizzlies in the 9th spot)

There’s no disappointing team in the West than the Thunder themselves. Why?
They have Russell Westbrook- a triple-double machine who won last season’s MVP award. They also have Paul George and Carmelo Anthony- two players who were traded to Oklahoma City during the offseason- and two notable offensive players.  
The problem is, they haven’t found any kind of rhythm that will enable them to go on a notable winning streak.  So far, they already dropped against some of the West’s elite teams including the San Antonio Spurs and yes, they even lost to the Sacramento Kings- one of the West’s worst teams. 
With a game against Warriors coming their way, this basketball pundit on wheels really thinks that the Thunder will need to win that specific game to gain some sort of confidence because if not, there’s a chance that they might not even make the playoffs.

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Memphis Grizzlies: 7-9 (tied with the Thunder for the 9th/10th spot) 

Speaking of Marc Gasol and the rest of the Memphis Grizzlies, this is a team that used to be in top 3 in the West a few weeks ago and now, they are not even in the top 8 thanks to their 5-game losing streak which included two defeats from the hands of the Rockets. They’ve lost 8 of their last 10 games and with a game against the Dallas Mavericks coming up, the Grizzlies can use that game to return to their winning ways because they are fading right now.

Los Angeles Clippers: 5-11 (13th spot)

The Clippers have lost Chris Paul. They have lost JJ Reddick. They even lost Jamal Crawford. Sure, Blake Griffin is healthy. So is DeAndre Jordan. But that didn’t prevent the Clippers from losing all of their last 9 games. They lost to the New York Knicks, the Spurs and most notably, the Cleveland Cavaliers in a game that they could have won. In effect, the fans of the Los Angeles Lakers are laughing at the Clippers right now. Why? The Lakers are currently in the top 8 and the Clippers are not.

Suffering Clippers Lost 9 Straight Games, Will Lose Gallinari for Another 2 Weeks due to Injury

Danilo Gallinari will be out for 10 days, so they say. 

Danillo Gallinari Injury update

Danilo Gallinari (strained left glute) said that he’ll be out for another 7-10 days.
While they gave a timetable, we all know that nothing is guaranteed including if he would be able to help turn the Clippers’ predicament right now.
Wes Johnson is stepping up for the scorer but we all know that that may not suffice at all especially as Johnson isn’t the most consistent player right now.
The Clippers is now on a 9-game losing skid and thanks to the injuries of Patrick Beverly, Milos Teodosic and Danilo Gallinari. They will probably continue to do so unless somehow, Coach Rivers finds a solution to win.

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The team is feeling the absence of their former premier point guard Chris Paul and the sudden decline of the team is a proof that Chris Paul was really the main reason why they were a good team in the first place.

By the Numbers: SPLASH! GSW Route Clippers in a Splashing Way

There were three things that enabled the champs to splash. Anew

After a surprising loss to the Detroit Pistons, Stephen Curry and rest of the defending champions, Golden State Warriors quickly went back to work against the Los Angeles Clippers who are enjoying some sort of success during the early goings of the season despite losing former star point guard, Chris Paul who is now with the Houston Rockets but is currently injured. 
Yesterday (Manila time), the Warriors started out splashing through in the first quarter and never looked back as they scored the highest number of points any team has scored this season, so far, en route to a 141-113 victory at Staples Center. 
While GSW fans have grown accustomed to this kind of dominance by their team, this is different considering the mere fact that they’ve already dropped 3 games to open the regular season and that’s huge for a team that is loaded with stars, primarily heavy scorers. Now, speaking of scorers, let’s check the numbers that enabled GSW’s super scorers to run away from the Clippers:

141 Points

Yep, folks. As mentioned above, that’s  the highest score any team has scored this season and it’s not surprising at all that the Warriors were the ones who able to do it considering that they are averaging 121 points per game- the best in the NBA. 
4 of the 5 starters of Steve Kerr finished in double figures led by Curry who had 31 points who shot 7 of 11 from the three-point line, Kevin Durant had 19 while Draymond Green added 16 points to go along with his 9 rebounds and 6 assists. Klay Thompson, despite missing 3 of his 4 attempts from deep, scored 15. That’s 81 points from 4 players alone, folks. Keep in mind that every player Steve Kerr had sent against the Clippers had scored at least, 3 points. Now that’s how you dominate. 

Attacking the Paint= 64 Points

Sure, the Warriors attempted 29 shots from rainbow distance, making 14 of those shots. But that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to attack the shaded area because we all know and we all have witnessed them demolish defenders when they are attacking the paint. 
Against the Clippers, the Warriors scored 64 points in the paint, alone- a far cry to what Los Angeles managed which is 40 points. 
See? The Warriors have both an inside and an outside offense which makes them a scary team to play against despite their 5-3 record heading into their next game against the free-falling San Antonio Spurs. 

58% Field Goal Shooting= Efficiency

If there’s one thing that the Warriors can perfectly do even during their sleep, it’s taking shots that have a high probability of hitting their targets. Sure, they shot 57% in the field against Detroit and yet they lost. Why? They only shot 37% from deep. 
Against the Clippers, they made 58% of their 89 attempts. And they shot 48% from outside. Result= a big win.


The Clippers are still among the dark horses who can dethrone the Warriors come playoff time and yes, they will definitely get better after receiving such a heavy pounding from the champions.
For the Warriors on the other hand, a win on Friday against the Spurs- regardless if Kawhi Leonard finally plays or not, will send a message to the rest of the NBA that GSW is still very much capable of demolishing any team, at any given court, on any given schedule and if that 141 points that they’ve produced against Los Angeles don’t worry you, then you are doomed. 

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Final Quarter Breakaway: Clippers on Full Thrust to 2nd Preseason Win

Los Angeles Clippers went all out with five players finishing with double-digit production. 
Blake Griffin dishes out a jam

It was a tight game until the end of the 3rd. The one who’ll run out of steam first will definitely lose in a shootout. 
And so it happened. 
Before the end of the 3rd, Clippers are starting to send a threat to the Kings when they started to crack up a lead, ending the 3rd 74-68. Finally freeing themselves from the chains of the tight game to secure the victory from the starting point up to the end of the closing quarter.
The Kings couldn’t keep up with the starters in rage until the end of the quarter. Blake Griffin, Wesley Johnson, Deandre Jordan, Lou Williams (18, 16,13,14 pts.) plus a huge off the bench performance of Tyrone Wallace (16 pts.) prevailed against the Kings starting five. In fact, one starter of the kings, Justin Jackson end up being scoreless after 20 minutes of play.
The 4th quarter totally belonged to the Clippers, led by C.J Williams. Williams even forced the Kings to burn a full timeout after hitting a three, stretching the huge deficit 100-82 as the game approached the final 3 minutes of action.
Though the Kings somehow came out with something after the timeout, the time left is obviously insufficient to close the gap in a flash.
The game ended 104-87 in favor of the relentless LA Clippers.
Clippers 104 – Griffin 18, Johnson 16, Williams 14, Jordan 13, Teodosic 8, Bench – 35
Kings 87 – Randolph 14, Hield 12, Cauley-Stein 10, Hill 3, Bench – 38

Sacramento Kings vs LA Clippers – Full Game Highlights | Oct 12, 2017 | 2017-18 NBA Preseason

(video courtesy of YouTube/NBA Conference)

DeAndre Jordan – You can Never Replace CP3, Talks About Griffin and Beverly

DeAndre Jordan at 29 years old has played his entire career wearing the Clippers Jersey. The former second round pick, 35th overall pick, however, almost signed with the Mavericks a couple of years ago is now left with Blake Griffin as the Clipper’s core after Chris Paul leaving the team, DeAndre talks about how excited he is for the upcoming season.

He looks really excited

DeAndre Jordan tells ESPN that he is looking forward to playing alongside Blake Griffin and do more great things. He also touched on Chris Paul and commented that CP3 is irreplaceable.

DeAndre Jordan discusses the state of the Clippers following an eventful offseason at the 6th Annual SHOREbar+Wanu Beach Vball Classic, including the departure of Chris Paul. – ESPN

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Would Blake and DeAndre be able to carry the Clippers

Yes, Playoffs
No, They will be eliminated

Poll Maker


Coach Doc Rivers Lost his Position as Clippers President,Is he Also in Danger of Losing Head Coach Role?

Clippers slowly changing direction, Doc Rivers demoted 

Coach Doc Rivers Losses his Position as Clippers President , Is he in danger of losing Head Coach position As well?

Four years ago, Doc Rivers was brought in the Clipper land to usher in a new era of basketball with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin leading the team.
Doc Rivers became the head of basketball operations and the head coach of what was called the Lob City. The city was filled with excitement and for the moment the Clippers owned Los Angeles and the Lakers who plays in the same city became just the second tier team.
Clippers, under Doc Rivers management, was a winning team. Unfortunately, it never became a championship team as year after year they fall short against western rivals. With Chris Paul going to the Houston Rockets, the Clippers is once again just another regular team and while they might probably still make it to the playoffs, it is almost certain that they will fall behind again especially while Golden State Warriors is still around.

Clippers have decided to go a different direction

Doc Rivers has been stripped off the role of president of basketball operations but will remain as the head coach of the team.  Lawrence Frank will be stepping in for him and while we have heard that the two have a good relationship together and shared the same vision, we can’t help but speculate if the coach they brought in four years ago is already on the hot seat.
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Will Doc Rivers be fired?

Start of the Season
Mid Season
Late in the Season
After the Season

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Clippers Replaced Chris Paul with The Best Point Guard from Euroleague

After the departure of star point guard Chris Paul, the Clippers were scrambling for a replacement, but could there be any player that can even come close to the production of their previous point guard?
There are probably a few that can match up to the all around production of Chris Paul but some of them are either not available or too expensive for the Clippers.
Signing Milos Teodosic for $12.3M  for 2 years is actually a bargain as Milos is one of the greatest players in Europe averaging 16.1 points and 6 assists, he could give a new look to the Clippers. 

Milos, while highly effective in Europe, may not work right away in the NBA because of different styles of play but if Clippers management is dedicated to making him the main point guard, I could see him flourishing and immediately producing the same number he was producing in the Euroleague.  
Personally, I think this is a great acquisition for the Clippers.
Check out some of the accolades of Milos Teodosic Euroleague
EuroLeague champion (2016)
EuroLeague MVP (2010)
3× All-EuroLeague First Team (2010, 2015, 2016)
3× All-EuroLeague Second Team (2012, 2013, 2017)
6× VTB United League champion (2012–2017)
2× VTB United League Playoffs MVP (2014, 2016)
2× PBL champion (2012, 2013)
2× Greek Cup winner (2010, 2011)
2× Greek Cup MVP (2010, 2011)
2× Serbian Cup winner (2005, 2007)
FIBA Europe Player of the Year (2010)
Euroscar Player of the Year (2016)
FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship MVP (2007)

What do you think about this move?

After Losing Chris Paul, Clippers Re-Sign Blake Griffin for a Hefty Price

The Los Angeles Clippers is in a tough situation and losing another star will have a big impact in the franchise.
Blake Griffin at 28 year old has been consistent as he averages 21 points, almost 10 rebounds and 4 assists per game. Practically still a young player the Clippers decided to lock him in for another five years worth a maximum of 178 million dollars.
Blake Griffin is one of the players who benefited from the assists of Chris Paul and it would be interesting to see if he could maintain the same production without the star point guard.

Highlights: Utah Jazz beats Clippers in L.A. Staples Center

Utah finished Game 5, leading with 96-92 win against the series with Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday.
Gordon Hayward scored some 27 points, 4 assits and 8 rebounds all through out the game. Clippers owned the first quarter with a 2-point advantage against Utah Jazz. With power plays from Chris Paul, several dunk shots by De Andre Jordan, three point shots from J.J. Reddick, Paul Pierce and Luc Richard Mbah the first quarter is concluded. Utah 19 and Los Angeles 21.
Second quarter was for Utah bouncing to the ball game with lay up shots from Raul Neto, power plays from Rodney Hood and Joe Johnson, free throws, lay ups and dunk shots from Rudy Gobert, three pointers from Boris Diaw. Gordon also scored with a lay up shot and a free throw and an ending dunk shot from Rodney Hood and three pointets from Hood and Hill. Utah 46, Los Angeles 43.
George Hill chipped in 2 points starting the third quarter followed by hook and three point shots from Boris Diaw. Power shots from Gordon Hayward, a dunk from Derrick Favors and three point shots from Joe Johnson. And an ending dunk by Rodney Hood, ending the third quarter Utah-64; L.A.-58.
Utah filled the fourth quarter with points from free throw shots, three-pointers, powerful dunks and several power plays. Final score 96-92, Game 6 will be on Saturday 10:30 A.M.

(courtesy: youtube/Rapid Highlights)

Spread Love: Happy NBA Valentines!

Valentines day is upon us. Today it would really be a lot of fun to know players who are somehow connected to this romantic day.

“Can You Be My Valentine?”

These players can be literally your “Valentine”. Check these Mr. Valentines of the NBA now and then.
The 1980 NBA Draft’s 51st pick, Ronnie Valentine was the first Mr. Valentine of the NBA. He was drafted by the Denver Nuggets and played in only 24 games of 1980-1981 NBA season, scoring 84 points. 
Then, the point guard from the Chicago, Darnell Valentine courted the NBA. He was not rejected and proved himself, scoring career 5,400 points, dishing 3,080 assists and grabbing 1,318 rebounds in his 10 years of his relationship with the NBA, specifically for the Portland Trailblazers (1981-1986), Los Angeles Clippers (1986-1988), and for the Cleveland Cavaliers (1988-1991).
Today, another Mr. Valentine showed up in the NBA, the Chicago Bulls Shooting Guard, Denzel Valentine. But, he is currently playing for the Windy City Bulls in the NBA Development League.

“Keep Calm and Love Balling”

Many fall in love with this sport. The proof was the three “Love” of the NBA that suited teams to play the sport  they love.
First was Bob Love, that brought great impact for the Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls, New York Nets and Seattle SuperSonics because of his playing style. He is a versatile forward who could shoot either with his left or right hand. He ended up with 13,895 points, 4,635 rebounds and 1,123 assists. 
Stan Love entered the League next, he played for the Baltimore Bullets, Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs and retire having 1,579 points, 929 rebounds and 181 assists. 
Stan Love’s love of the game was the heritage of the current Cavalier, Kevin Love. It’s undeniable that Kevin is one of the best Forwards to ever play the game, his devotion and love to the game inspire others to also love the sport. Love played for the Minnesota Timberwolves from 2008-2014 and is playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2014-present.
Happy Valentines Day! Spread the love this Valentines Day. #NBA

Jamal Crawford to Stay with Los Angeles Clippers on a Three-Year Deal

Jamal Crawford will stay as a Los Angeles Clipper. The Clippers and Crawford agreed to a three-year, $42 million deal with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Despite the interest of the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers in signing the 18 year NBA veteran guard, Crawford decided to remain and play for the Clippers this coming season.

The three-time sixth man of the year averaged 14.2 points and 2.3 rebounds last season.

Drafted 8th overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2000 NBA draft, the reigning sixth man of the year has career averages of 15.5 points, 2.4 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 1 steal.

Western Conference Playoff Preview: Los Angeles Clippers vs. Portland Trail Blazers

(4) Los Angeles Clippers VS. (5) Portland Trail Blazers

LAC in 6

This series is expected to be the most even series in the Western Conference, but since Blake Griffin is expected to be back in action for the Clippers, the Los Angeles Clippers can close this series out in six games. The Portland Trail Blazers’ backcourt led by Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum can pretty much matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers’ backcourt led by Chris Paul and JJ Redick, but the Portland Trail Blazers’ frontcourt led by Mason Plumlee and Meyers Leonard are not as dominant as the Los Angeles Clippers’ frontcourt led by DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin. The Portland Trail Blazers had an amazing season even with them losing four of their starters last season, and they still managed to get the 5th seed in the Western Conference, but the Portland Trail Blazers seem to have no answer to the Los Angeles Clippers having lost their series against the Los Angeles Clippers 3-1, and if Blake Griffin will indeed be back in action for the Los Angeles Clippers, the Portland Trail Blazers will be having another problem to deal with. But who knows, if Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum, Ed Davis, and the rest of the boys in red-blue-black step their games up to the next level, the Portland Trailblazers could very well win against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Los Angeles Clippers’ frontcourt will be too much for the Portland Trail Blazers to handle, but no matter what the results will be in this series, this will be the most exciting series to watch due to it being the most even matchup in the 1st round in the Western Conference.

Ridiculous Battle Between CP3 and WestBrook with 65pts Combined. Who Won?

Their teams went toe to toe last night and both of these guys wanted the W for their respective teams but in the end it was OKC who irked out a heart stopping game with a score of 100-99. 

Westbrook ended the night with 33 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists.

Paul had 32 points, 10 assists, and 5 rebounds. 

Both played so intense but remained calm under pressure. The last minute of this game is playoff like experience and believe me, you should be ready because this is way to exciting.

With the win the OKC Thunder now seats at third place with 19-9 win loss record while the LA Clippers dropped to 16-13 win loss good for the 4th spot enough distance between these two teams. 

Here is the highlight of this crazy epic battle:

Written by:
Team Powcast