The City League Q’ final round – Loading point vs Plantex

The City League Q' final round - Loading point vs Plantex
North East Green Hills, 1st May- What an intense fast-paced ball game between PLANTEX andLOADINGPOINT in the quarter finals of The City League,

The Loading point started the first quarter with a fast-paced basketball courtesy of their “undercut trio” Jersey no. 30, 6 and 24.
Run and gun type of basketball being displayed by Loadingpoint while it was a bit of a slow start for Plantex. The first quarter score was 22-10 in favour of Loadingpoint.
In the second quarter the Plantex started to heat up like a diesel cutting the lead down to just 8, 21-29 with 4 minutes left in 2nd period.  Plantex also made a fastbreak play down to the last 30 seconds. Despite of minor field goal struggle LoadiningPoint still managed to keep the double digit lead. At the half the score was 28-38 in favour of Loadingpoint.
In the 3rd quarter the ball game became more physical and more intense as the Plantex cut the lead down to 7pt, 31-38.  Double technical foul were called on Loadingpoint no.24 and Plantex’s big guy no.36 as both men were jockeying for rebounding position.
How intense the game was? With 6 minutes left the 3rd period another technical foul was called! This time against Loadingpoint no.67 .Plantex was again inching closer with a 2 on 1 fast break play, lead down to 8, 41-49 but the fast-paced run and gun play by the Loading point came alive at the latter part of the 3rd period and finished it with the 17 points advantage, score was 62-45.
4th quarter. Plantex scored out of 2 consecutive turnovers by Loadingpoint. The lead then cut to 13, 64-51. Down to the last 7 minutes of the ball game the Loadingpoint committed another turnover and Plantex successfully converted off the turnover. 
Plantex’s defensive intensity all of a sudden went up a notch. Now things started to get more exciting and emotional at this stage, no. 23 who happens to be the team captain of Loading point can’t hide his disappointment over the referee’s call as he was having a dialogue with the game official. 
  Entering the last 5mins of the last quarter the lead was cut to a single digit, 55-64.  Indeed it’s a playoff basketball! Another technical foul called on Loading point, player no. 15 this time it because of continues complain as per the game official. 
Despite the intense and emotional quarter Loadingpoint has done a great job keeping the lead. 
Down to the last 2 minutes Loading point is still in control with the score of 79-62. The game ended with the score of 78-62, with this win the 4th seeded Loadingpoint is moving on to the next round.
Best player of the game is the high leaper EJ Deguzman with 22points and 2 dunks! One in the halftime warm up and last one in the dying seconds of the game! 

The City League

League’s goal is to give all Filipino Ballers, Streetballess a chance to compete in a different level of the game of basketball as well as to help them somehow be recognized with their skills in a competitive and well organized league and to enlight them and show them whats the benefits if the will show sportsmanship, hardwork, patience and most of all respect with other players and for the love of the game… THE CITY LEAGUE we are one of the many organization who advocate the values of camaraderie.

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