King Khan proves better than Super Zab

by: Pow Salud|Home

Amir Khan was able to unify the WBA and IBF junior welterweight titles by beating Zab Judah. Khan surprisingly outworked Zab Judah in almost every round. Judah was on the defense as early as the second round as he is unable to return back the combination of punches being thrown by Khan. Judah’s face was bloodied up as a look of resignation is eminent, Khan did not stop and push Judah which which resulted to a KO in the fifth round.

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My prediction on this fight was the other way around as I felt Judah has able reinvent himself to become what he is again today and will be able to outsmart Khan, however I was wrong as the younger Khan was hungrier and more aggressive in the fight.
Zab Judah however complained about the count out as he thought the punch of Amir Khan was a low blow.
Be the judge.

Is this a low blow?
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Amir Khan vs Zab Judah fight already started

by: powsalud|

Amir Khan and Zab Judah will be getting inside the ring on July 3, after a heated of the ring battle they are very close to the real thing as both of them could not stop throwing words at each other and  even recently on their press conference they are still at it. Khan said – “I don’t think this is his time,” Khan said. “I know how to beat Judah. He doesn’t have the hunger that I do. I don’t think he can take the belt off me.” while Judah on the other hand said“Amir can deal with a loss right now. It’s ‘Super’ Judah time.”