Sahara Hamayon part 1

I caught up with Sahara Hamayon as she prepares for her first ever amateur fight against Teddy Marie Delacruz on June 30, 2016 at Trevi Executive Village, Multi-Purpose Hall, JP Rizal Ave, Concepcion Uno, Marikina City.

Born and raised in Muscat, Oman but always been a proud half Filipina.
Sahara is a Business and Marketing graduate and currently working as a Project Manager.
Aside from her corporate commitment, she is also an artist and involve charity work. Despite her various commitments, this pretty fighter from Oman still manages to do intense training 6 times a week.
Surprisingly she never had sports involvement before she got into MMA and In fact she mentioned that she’s too lazy to do sports. 
Until a friend influenced her to lose weight. On Aug 28 of last year, she decided to get out of her comfort zone and that’s when she took her first ever Muai Thai class, from then she fell in love with the sports.
Sahara has been doing intense Muai Thai training for a year and 4 months now.
Just in case you are wondering how intense her trainings are; she once torn her shoulder ligament but miraculously she recovered in just 2 and a half weeks. 
Torn ligaments is a major injury which would take months to heal.
In this video she also talks about her experiences in the country such as the local delicacies, her impression of the culture and how she is impressed with the local fighters and the trainings.
preview of the Interview with Sahara Hamayon