URCC XXX: Rising Star Fritz Biagtan’s Post Fight Interview, Ready for Anyone

Biagtan Outworked Dultra for the Win at URCC XXX

URCC XXX: Fritz Biagtan Post Fight Interview, Ready for Anyone
URCC XXX: Frtiz Biagtan vs Solomon Dultra was a hell of a fight and like what our colleague Apple said, we think this was the true fight of the night. Fritz did not get out of this win easily although his face looked unblemished. Though Solomon Dultra gave Frits Biagtan a run for his belt as the two exchanged blows against each other, Fritz who appeared relaxed and more composed however was getting the upper hand as the slimmer Dultra tried to retaliate and survive against the quick hands and relentless attack of Biagtan.
After the fight, we briefly spoke with Fritz Biagtan and he simply said that he was ready for whatever URCC put on top on the table and will train for it.
Fritz, in our eyes, has a big potential to be a real MMA star. He got the skills, the looks and the attitude and if he continues to focus and work hard, we have no doubt that he can be in line for a big break!
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