Video: Chris Eubank Jr. Proved Too Much for Avni Yildirim, Devastating KO in 3

Eubank banked on his boxing skills and power to end streak of Yildirim

Chris Eubank jr vs Avni Yildirm
Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Halle, Stuttgart, Germany at the the super middleweight World Boxing Super Series Chris Eubank Jr face undefeated and confident fighter from Turkey Avni Yildrim in a heated match-up that was fueled with a lot of untoward incidents and trash talking. This rift can only be settled inside the ring as both fighters excited and ready to prove that they are the better fighter. 
Moments before the fight, as the referee provides instructions, the two fighters face each other with bad intentions as if they could not wait another second to exchange punches and as they walked back to the corner their gazes became more intense.

Round 1 for Eubank Jr.

Avni Yildirim banging his head with gloves as he shows he is all set for the fight and just seconds after the bell rang, he came running towards Eubank Jr. as if he wants to feast on his prey right away. Chris Eubank Jr, however, was composed and was able to escape the attacks of the undefeated Yildirim. 
Utilizing his jabs and his ring generalship Eubank Jr. was able to control the fight early. Punches to body and uppercuts to the head were connecting early although Yildirim doesn’t seem to be bothered until he over-committed on his aggression and got caught with an upper cut which dropped his knees to the canvas. It was counted as a knockdown as the referee pulled Yildirim in the corner for a mandatory count.

Round 2 for Eubank Jr.

Yildirim, motivated to get back at Chris Eubank Jr. after losing the first round with a knockdown, aggressively pushed forward as he exchange bombs against Eubank Jr. Yildrim forced his way inside and had his moment of success tagging Eubank Jr. but ultimately, the second round still belongs to Eubank Jr in our eyes as he, too connected a number of effective blows.

Round 3 Knockout by Eubank Jr.

Eubank Jr started with a combination of hard hooks and Yildirim responded with his own as the two fighters are heated up at this stage of the fight. Eubank Jr  went on to utilize his effective jabs again as he spaces the ring well waiting for Yildirim to attack and make a mistake. Yildirm on the other hand wants an inside brawl as he continues to close the gap that ultimately ended with the two fighters clinching against each other.
It is at the 1:24 minute mark of the 3rd round when everything went on a downward trend for Yildirim as Eubank Jr suddenly unleashes multiple combination which started with a right hook to the gut of Yildirim which landed flush and opened up the head to a combination of rabid punches that ultimately spell doomed for the former undefeated fighter.
Yildirim dropped head first after receiving two powerful combinations from the relentless attacks of Eubank Jr. At the same moment, Chris Eubank Jr stood in the background with his hands down and his his facial reaction says it all. Referee immediately came to the rescue and declared the fight over as he helped the woozy Yildirm get up gingerly to the canvas.

Chris Eubank Jr Wins via an impressive knockout in the 3rd round.

He awaits the winner of Jamie Cox and George Groves for the semi-finals of the International Boxing Organization World Super Middleweight Series.
I am here to dominate the tournament, I am sending a message to everybody that I am coming. – Chris Eubank Jr 
Chris Eubank jr. then continues his speech as he reveals his ideal opponent in George Groves in January of next year.

Chris Eubank Jr improves to (28 W – 1 L), while Avni Yildirim dropped to( 16W- 1L) Ending his winning streak at 16. 

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What’s Next for Chris Eubank Jr?

Chris Eubank Jr recently had an impressive TKO win against tough Australian star Renold Quinlan were he won the IBO super middleweight title. 
His name has been growing and it looks like the 27 year old boxer is ready for a much more meaningful fight. Eubank however is convinced that he can find his next big opponent in the middleweight as he targets hard hitting Gennady Golovkin and Bill Joe Sanders.