Shaun Livingston : Journey to be a world Champ!

Livingston #4th pick 2004 NBA Draft

He is one of the few players that made a great impact from high school to NBA. Livingston was highly touted as the next great because of his height of 6’7 and for his versatility as a PG. Livingston played behind Sam Casell during his stint with the Clippers.
It was in his third season when his injury occurred (February 26, 2007), prior to his injury he averaged almost 10 ppg that season. It was a painful blow because it wasn’t a normal injury his left knee seemed like it was shattered.

Who would have thought that he would come back from that injury and overcome adversity.

After Injury: 

Heat 2008
Memphis 2009 
OKC 2009
Wizards 2010
Bobcats 2011 same year got traded to Bucks
Rockets 2012 same year traded to Wizards
Cavs Dec 2012 
Nets 2013-2014 break out year 

2015 NBA CHAMP! with GSW

Here is his press conference Courtesy of Fox Sports

I almost cried during his speech, because not everyone can accomplish what this man has done. He didn’t lead his team I understand, but the journey he had is something we can use in our lives moving forward.

I am so happy for Shaun! More power! 

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2015 NBA CHAMPIONS : Golden State Warriors surely made its mark, in NBA History !


I will do my best to segment this and give you highlights as well. 


Steve Kerr to date winning-est coach in NBA with 63-20 he surpassed Paul Westphal in 1992-1993 season.  

Kerr also became the first rookie coach to win an NBA Championship since Pat Riley, a record that was made since 1982 with LA Lakers. -The year I was born 🙂 –

Here is a brief press conference of the 2015 NBA Champ Coach

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Steph Curry – A feat that should not be overlooked, His team beat all other first NBA team through out the playoffs. Warriors beat Pelicans (with Anthony Davis) , then defeated The Grizzlies (Marc Gasol), then went on to beat Houston  (With James Harden), and defeated the best player LBJ. Curry led his team this finals with 26  PPG 5.2 RBG and 6.2 APG . If you are not impressed then let me add this fact, Curry is the 3rd PG to win an MVP and NBA title the same year, previous two were Bob Cousy and Magic Johnson.  

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Curry also set a record for most 3 point conversion in the post season with 98 3-pointers. 
(Previous record Reggie miller with 58)

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Shout out to #Free Dawkins for the Videos. 

That’s about it . I will be writing more articles about this 2015 NBA Finals.

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2015 NBA finals MVP! ANDRE IGUODALA! A very worthy one!

Andre Iguodala – FVMP 2015 NBA finals

 A very worthy one indeed, I could go on and on in praising this man and the job he did, But I would just highlight a few things that has been a little bit overlooked. His stats during the regular season wasn’t a great one 7.8 pts 3.3 rebs and 3 assists. But dude stepped up his game, in the most important stage in a player’s life. The finals, He averaged 16.3 points, 4 assists and 5.8 rebounds and the task of guarding Lebron James, sure he didn’t guard him one on one most of the time but he is the most effective player in their team that could guard Lebron and still contribute on the other side of the court. Andre has been this great all through out his career, and he showed tonight that he really deserved this award. 

Game 6 stats : 36 mins : 45% FG / 37.5FG from 3 3/8 / 5 rebs / 5 assists / 2 steals with 0 turnovers. 

Highlights of his game 6 performance: 

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Dont worry guys even though this season is over. Powcast will be here with you to wrap this up and keep you posted on the upcoming season, as we all wait for it.

NBA : THE STARTERS 2015 finals predictions!

Yes my favorite nba show : The starters has officially made their Finals prediction.

I am with the majority here, this was even before game 1, I know people are amazed by how LBJ performed but honestly the Warriors had a slow start like the Rockets Series and we all know what happened. I am not discounting Lebron out whatsoever but without Kyrie, I don’t like their chances. If they won’t win Game 2, this series would be over before 6. So next game, its really critical specially if Kyrie will be out. 
Here is the official show from NBA #The Starters. 
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2015 NBA FINALS UPDATE: Kyrie Irving Ready to go !

As per Kyrie Irving : I AM READY TO GO! 

Kyrie Irving addressed the media after practice on two separate occasions. May 29 and june 1, 2015 . I have attached the link to those interviews if you want to view them.

                                                                   May 29, 2015

Highlights about this interview: Irving said that he is ready to go. 

Irving was asked about guarding Steph Curry, he said that it would be a total team effort.

                                                                      June 1, 2015

Highlights about this interview:  Irving was asked about possibly going out there rather than taking more days off

“These days are very important for me, specially going to the finals, I want to get to my old self as much as I could” – Irving 

There’s also an update from about Irving’s Injury report you can also watch it here
This will be great match: Kyrie vs Steph, Lets just hope that they will be close to 100% going through the finals. 

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Klay Thompson Cleared from Concussion as per

Klay Thompson

It’s Official as expected Klay Thompson will be playing for Golden State Warriors on Thursday June 1, 2015 for the NBA Finals.

Klay Thompson, who was diagnosed with a concussion after suffering an injury during Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals on May 27, has completed the NBA’s concussion protocol and has been cleared to play for Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

It is no secret that Klay Thompson will be a big factor on this game if the Warriors want to win the Championship, he needs to be there and play for them. Thompson won’t have to worry because there will be no James Harden to play for the Cavs, but it would still be tough for him because J.R. Smith is playing out of his mind right now. We all know though that Harden is not Smith. So expect Klay Thompson to play more aggressive in the finals. The Splash Brother’s will be ready. 

Geez can’t wait, Let’s get this finals started already! 

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Steph Curry writing his own piece in the History books of NBA!

Photo from NBA TV
Yes! This is a homer pick! I am a Big Steph Curry Lover! nothing wrong about that because he has made another history. I feel great about this simply because not like Iverson’s team, Curry’s team right now is different and even though Iverson faced a tougher challenge he didn’t back down even though they lost to LA Lakers. Curry will also attempt to beat another First NBA team since he has beaten his co first NBA team before getting to the finals. They beat Anthony Davis and the pelicans, Mark Gasol and the Grizzlies and James Harden of Houston Rockets. The only man left to beat is Lebron James. 
I know Lebron is still the best player however Curry just like Iverson isn’t afraid to go after his goal. 
Geez  I can’t wait for Thursday’s Game 1 .
That’s it for now, I know you guys can’t sleep either but don’t worry we will always be here to keep you guys updated and entertained.

Dwade to join ESPN as an analyst for NBA FINALS!

                                                                     Dwyane Wade

MIAMI — Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat is going back to the NBA Finals — as an analyst.

The three-time NBA champion will join ESPN on ABC for pregame and halftime shows during Games 2 and 3 of the ClevelandGolden State series. Wade also will have the same arrangement for Games 6 and 7 if those games are played. 

Dwade’s comments will be interesting specially if the Cavs will be ahead or behind the series come game 2 and 3 of the NBA finals. We might also get a hint about his contract, the possibility of him staying is highly anticipated or if he would be moving to a team that could win it all next season. Nevertheless its going to be interesting and a joy to watch for us fans. 

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2015 NBA FINALS UPDATE: Klay Thompson is expected to play as per coach Steve Kerr.

             Klay Thompson

OAKLAND, Calif. — Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson is expected to play in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, according to coach Steve Kerr.“He’s doing well,” Kerr said after practice Saturday at the team’s facility.
“I’m anticipating he’s going to be there.”


For the full Report from ESPN – 

Klay Thompson was accidentally hit by a knee form Trevor Ariza after he tried to pump fake, that eventually resulted to concussion during the Game 5 of Western Conference Finals. Thompson was given clearance during the game but he needed stitches but was just in the sideline. Thompson needs to be cleared from concussion,
the Golden State Warriors and the NBA will surely come up with a decision before Thursday June 4, 2015.

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YES!!! It’s down to two teams… 


The Finals

Golden State vs. Cleveland
Game 1: – Thu. June 4, Cleveland at Golden State, 9:00 PM , ABC
Game 2: Sun. June 7, Cleveland at Golden State, 8:00 PM, ABC
Game 3: Tue. June 9, Golden State at Cleveland, 9:00 PM, ABC
Game 4: Thu. June 11, Golden State at Cleveland, 9:00 PM, ABC
Game 5 *: Sun, June 14, Cleveland at Golden State, 8:00 PM, ABC
Game 6 *: Tue, June 16, Golden State at Cleveland, 9:00 PM, ABC
Game 7 *: Fri, June 19, Cleveland at Golden State, 9:00 PM, ABC
* = if necessary 
All times are Eastern 

Schedules credit from