Emotional Jon Jones Addressed His Stripped Of Fighting In UFC 200 And Failed Drug Test

The former light heavyweight champion looked okay when he walked inside the room, but became very emotional after few words and walked out at one point.

He has no idea what he could have tested positive for. He couldn’t pronounce it and never heard of it. The B sample will be tested today according to Jon Jones and that he would never take something that would enhance him in anyway. It was his manager, Malki Kawa, who answered next questions from the media.

Jon Jones was asked what he would tell Daniel Cormier. He starts to cry as he says, “I haven’t had an opportunity to talk to DC. I just want to tell him that I’m sorry. I know this fight mean a lot to him”

“I believe that something good will come from this but it’s hard to see it. I’m sorry that I’m crying guys”, Jones add when asked to explain how he feeling and how it hurts.

Seeing Jon Jones actually cry on the stream during the interview is heartbreaking. It’s really hard to be a JBJ fan right now.

His probation officer also said that all these things Jon Jones is going through right now has no impact on his probation. Jones is serving 18 months of probation after pleading guilty to hit-and-run in April 2015.

Jones said he would come back if he has to sit out due to a 2 year suspension.

Watch the full presser here.