Anna Kournikova – The Biggest Loser

Anna Kournikova the hot Tennis Superstar is one of the trainer of the reality TV show The Biggest Loser. Yes she is gorgeous but have you seen her flare up with the contestant. Anna Kournikova pushes the  Biggest Loser contestant to the limit. Watch the biggest looser. Anna Kournikova scary side.

Anna Kournikova – The Biggest Loser trailer 

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Buy Anna Kournikova For 15 Minutes


Add the Philadelphia Freedoms professional tennis team to the “Needs to Re-learn How Liam Neeson Reacts to Human Trafficking” list.

As part of its “Play with Anna Kournikova!” fund-raising effort – which urges Russian blonde enthusiasts to “Place You Bid Now” (sic) – the Freedoms are offering Anna up to a “doubles format for a total of 15 minutes.” Included in the package are “VIP Club invitations” and a “photo opportunity.”

What a country! But what means this “doubles-format hit on the Freedoms center court at Villanova University,” Philadelphia Freedom? Oh, really? Well, that’s a disappointing bait and switch.

Recommended opening bid: $2,500. If Enrique Iglesias throws in a courtside serenade, that drops to $25.

Good luck.

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